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When many riders think of Fizik, they think about saddles, but they are much more than that. Founded in 1996, Fizik, also known as Fi’zi:k (the phonetic spelling), set out to create inspiring and beautiful gear for the world’s most discerning cyclists. They not only make excellent road saddles and saddles for mountain biking and triathlons, but they also make exceptional cycling shoes, handlebars, stems, bar tape, lights, and much more.

Perhaps the most well-known products are their saddles. Fizik uses a unique way to find which type of saddle fits your body best, and this is called the Spine Concept EVO. By finding out how flexible your spine is and by how many degrees your pelvis rotates determines which saddle fits you best. Their three positions are Snake, Bull, and Chameleon. Snake means that you have high body flexibility and no pelvic rotation while pedaling. This translates to you needing a flat saddle. Bull is the opposite of Snake with low body flexibility and high pelvic rotation while pedaling. This translates to you needing a waved saddle. Chameleon is somewhere between both of these and means you need an in-between saddle that is neither waved nor flat. When you determine which style you are, whether you’re a Snake, Bull, or Chameleon, then your body weight and power output will determine whether you need a regular width or large width. Proper saddle sizing is arguably one of the most important aspects when it comes to riding. If you’re riding on a saddle that is improperly sized to your body, then you run the risk of developing soreness or numbness. Riding while sore or numb is no fun ride at all.

While their saddles are regarded as some of the best, their shoes are also highly revered in the bike world. Fizik uses premium materials like laser perforated microtex and unidirectional carbon fiber to create some of the lightest and stiffest road, mountain, and triathlon shoes out there. Many of their shoes use Boa dials to keep the shoes nice and tight on your feet and offers micro-adjustability for the perfect fit.

Fizik also provides many other bike components like saddle bags, handlebar tape, and handlebars. Their handlebars are designed around their Spine Concept EVO. This means riders who are Snakes with high flexibility will have a longer reach on their handlebars, while a Bull will have a shorter reach due to less flexibility. While Chameleon handlebars maintain the long reach of the Snake handlebars, the drops are brought up ever so slightly compared to Snake handlebars. When you’ve determined the type of handlebar you need and the material you want, you can then wrap those bars in Fizik handlebar tape that provides a grippy and soft feel.

So if you’re looking for a saddle, whether it be the Fizik Antares, Fizik Arione, Fizik Aliante R1 Versus EVO Saddle, or just looking for some great shoes, then Jenson USA has got you covered. If you have any questions about proper saddle sizing or want to know more about their products, then talk to one of our expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.