Handlebar Gel Pads On Sale

SRAM Red Gel Handlebar Lever Transition
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Zipp Handlebar Gel Pad Set
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Handlebar Gel Pads

If you like to push the limits of endurance on your road or gravel bike, you know the toll that long, hard rides can take on your hands. JensonUSA’s selection of handlebar gel pads can help prevent the fatigue, numbing and blisters that will put a damper on a great ride or race.

These pads are designed for drop handlebars to reduce the road shock and vibration that transfers to your hands. To install them, you simply stick them to your handlebars, underneath the bar tape. If you have ever struggled with hand fatigue or blisters on long rides, give them a try. It’s a simple solution that can have a big impact on your ride. Please dial one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 951-234-7554 with any questions.