Kenda Bike Tires

If you’ve ever ridden a bike before, chances are you’ve heard of Kenda Bike Tires. Kenda Rubber started back in 1962 and was founded in Yuanlin, Taiwan to produce bicycle tires. Since then, they have expanded into almost every tire sector, including motorcycles, scooters, lawn, and garden tires. Kenda bicycle tires deliver the best possible experience while riding but also offer a great price.

Kenda offers both mountain bike tires and road bike tires. Their tires come with many different rubber compounds such as their natural rubber compound or dual tread rubber compound. They also have tires that offer excellent puncture resistance. Kenda road bike tires come in several different rubber compounds. These include their Hard Rubber Compound, which is used in their endurance training tires. It also includes their R3C and R2C compounds which are used in their more race-oriented tires.

When it comes to Kenda mountain bike tires, Kenda has several compounds that offer excellent grip in the tread area. There are also tires that offer excellent rolling resistance. Whether you’re looking for a downhill mountain tire or a cross-country tire, Kenda has got you covered. They even have mountain bike tires for riding in the snow that have studs to track through the snow and icy terrain.

Kenda’s tires come with different casings that either provide puncture protection in the tread or sidewall protection. With sidewall protection, you will be able to ride knowing your sidewalls won’t be cut if you brush up against a few rocks. Many or their tires are tubeless ready so you can drop the pressure down for better traction and a smoother ride. Tubeless tires also experience fewer flats thanks to the tubeless sealant that you use when setting them up.

Kenda doesn’t just provide excellent mountain and road tires, they also offer exceptional gravel tires and cyclocross tires. One of the more popular gravel tires is the Happy Medium which has small knobs in the center for lower rolling resistance and larger knobs on the outside so riders can corner effortlessly. The Small Block Eight is another tire that is popular with gravel, cyclocross, and even XC riders.

Whether you’re looking for mountain tires, road tires, or gravel tires, you’ll find what you need with Kenda. Kenda has a tire for every situation. If you have any questions or are curious what tires we prefer to use, then ask one of our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.