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Lock-on Grip Clamps

There are several reasons to choose lock-on grips for your mountain bike. One of the big ones is that you can replace parts without having to purchase a whole new grip system. JensonUSA carries several lock-on grip clamps that are interchangeable with replacement grips, so you can mix and match however you like. This way if a clamp gets damaged, lost, or worn out, you can replace it and use a new one with your existing grips.

The option to purchase lock-on grip clamps is also helpful if you are building up a new bike and want to switch up your color scheme. You can use your old grips but add a new or different color pop with new clamps. Many clamps come in multiple color options for this reason. If you are looking for new lock-on grip clamps for a certain style of grip, feel free to call one of our Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811 to check on any compatibility questions.