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If left unlocked, a bicycle is one of the easiest items to steal. They are light, usually expensive, nearly impossible to track, and have wheels. It almost seems like they were created to get stolen. Since bike thefts are a common occurrence, bicycle locks are used by millions of cyclists to secure their bikes. Whether you are just leaving your bike in front of a store for a couple seconds or storing it outside overnight, please throw a lock on it. It only takes a couple seconds for it to vanish.

There are multiple types of locks. The most common are bike cable locks and U-locks. Many people prefer a cable lock over a U-lock because they are lighter and easier to manipulate. A cable lock is much easier to route through a bike frame and rack, but they are typically not as strong as a U-lock. Cable locks do come with either a combination or keyed locking mechanism. These locks are also available in multiple thicknesses which in turn make them harder to cut through. The downside to a thicker lock is, of course, a much heavier lock, which most cyclists who use locks might not enjoy.

For riders who are looking for high security out of a lock, there are U-locks. U-locks are made from hardened steel and are much more heavy duty than cable locks which helps to deter bike thieves. Much like a cable lock, U-locks also come with either a keyed or combination locking mechanism and are also available in multiple thickness steel shackles to help promote anti-theft. Unfortunately, not all locks are theft-proof. Some U-locks can cut through with an angle grinder, but it is incredibly difficult. U-locks are the best choice for riders who are looking for maximum bicycle security while their ride is unattended. Some U-locks, like the Kryptonite U-lock, provide an anti-theft protection offer, so if your bike is stolen, then you’ll be covered up to a certain amount. The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini covers bicycles up to $5,000.

Other locks to consider are chain locks and folding locks. Chain locks are a good compromise between a U-lock and a cable lock since they provide better flexibility similar to a cable lock but are heavier. Folding locks provide a high-security lock in a compact package that is perfect for commuting or leaving your bike for a short period.

Bike locks come in a wide range of prices. In general, the more expensive the lock, the more protective it will be. Cable locks are usually the cheapest option, while u-locks and cable locks tend to be more expensive. In many cases, people with expensive bikes will choose expensive locks. It doesn’t make sense to lock up a $3,000 bike with a $15 lock, and it doesn’t make sense to lock a $300 bike with a $150 lock. The more you spend the more secure your bike will be. You must decide how much money you want to spend on that security.

Here at Jenson USA, we are all about bicycle security. The last thing we want is for someone to lose their beloved bike in an incident that could have been prevented with better security. Whether you’re riding a road bike, a mountain bike, or just commuting, a lock is always necessary. Make sure you always lock up your frame, front wheel, and rear wheel. Sometimes it is a good idea to use multiple locks. We carry locks from top brands like Kryptonite Bike Locks, HipLok, Abus, and Otto Design Works. If you have any questions about bike locks, hop on a call or a chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811. They are always happy to help you with any questions you may have.