Road Rear Derailleurs On Sale

Shimano Ultegra RD-R8000 11SP Derailleur
From $71.99
SAVE 26 %
MSRP $96.99
Award Winner
SRAM Rival 1 Type 3.0 Rear Derailleur
From $89.94
SAVE 27 %
MSRP $123.00
Award Winner
Shimano Ultegra RX RD-RX800 Derailleur
SAVE 12 %
MSRP $117.99
Award Winner
Shimano 105 RD-5701 10SP Rear Derailleur
SAVE 11 %
MSRP $55.99
Award Winner
SRAM Force 1 Type 3.0 Rear Derailleur
From $149.99
SAVE 38 %
MSRP $243.00
Award Winner
Shimano Ultegra Di2 RD-R8050 Derailleur
SAVE 17 %
MSRP $286.99
Award Winner
Campagnolo EKAR Rear Derailleur
SAVE 25 %
MSRP $292.45
SRAM Apex 1 Rear Derailleur
SAVE 20 %
MSRP $87.00
Award Winner
SRAM Rival 22 Rear Derailleur
From $47.99
SAVE 35 %
MSRP $74.00
Award Winner
SRAM Force 22 11 Speed Rear Derailleur
From $89.99
SAVE 24 %
MSRP $118.00
Award Winner
Shimano RD-Ty500 Rear Derailleur
SAVE 22 %
MSRP $15.99
Award Winner
Shimano Dura-Ace R9150 Rear Derailleur
SAVE 28 %
MSRP $696.99

Road Rear Derailleurs

Whatever type of road riding you love most — from racing to weekend epics, smooth roads or gravel — the performance of your road rear derailleur is critical. This hardworking drivetrain component shifts the chain across the rear sprockets, allowing you to ride in just the right gear whether you’re climbing, sprinting or crushing the flats.

Today’s drivetrains, which often have 10, 11 or even 12 speeds in the rear, require precision performance from the road rear derailleur. When shopping for a new rear derailleur for your road bike, it’s generally advised that you stick with the same brand as the rest of your drivetrain. While some drivetrain components such as cranks, chains and cassettes are compatible between brands, shifters and derailleurs usually are not. Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo and other brands that we carry at each have different cable pull ratios, so mixing these parts can hinder shifting performance.

Once you know which brand you want, you’ll need to know how many gears your bike is running and then choose a derailleur for that particular setup. Finally, you’ll need to decide on cage length. Many road rear derailleur options come in multiple cage length options. Most traditional road bike drivetrains (11-28 or smaller rear cassette spread) use short-cage rear derailleurs, but if you have a large range of gears, as you might on a touring or gravel bike (or anything set up with a single front chainring), you may need a medium or long-cage option.

One other variable to consider is electronic versus mechanical. If you already have an electronic drivetrain on your bike, your rear derailleur choice is fairly straightforward as you’ll need something that’s compatible with the shifters. If you have any questions at all, hop on a call or a chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 951-234-7554 so that we can help you find that perfect item.