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SRAM X01 Eagle is the next level of uncompromising performance for enduro racers and aggressive all-mountain riders. SRAM was inspired by the world’s best racers and the average rider alike to make X01 Eagle one of the most advanced tools they could develop. X01 Eagle™ takes everything you love about SRAM’s pioneering 1x drivetrains and increases its wear life, toughness, precision, and smooth and silent operation to create a 12-speed groupset that gives you the freedom to enjoy the benefits of 1x drivetrain on any terrain.

Tucked neatly beneath the handlebars is the X01 Eagle trigger shifter. It can be considered the nerve center of the Eagle drivetrain. It has been updated to include a 12th gear and to create a smoother and more precise shifting system with exceptional reliability. The forged aluminum trigger creates a comfortable platform for your thumb while providing a sleek appearance and helping to reduce weight. So, whether you are in the middle of a race or 20 miles into an epic adventure with your riding buddies, the X01 Eagle trigger shifter is your faithful companion to the end.

Possibly at the heart of the Eagle drivetrain is the cassette. This 12-speed, 10 – 50 tooth cassette offers an optimal 500 percent gear range. That’s more than enough to allow you to easily spin your way up or down the trail. The X-DOME design yields the strongest cassettes on the market. New shifting characteristics improve both, inboard and outboard shifting, chain retention, as well as making a drivetrain that is smoother and quieter.

The X01 Eagle rear derailleur is completely redesigned to incorporate SRAM’s proven X-HORIZON™ design and Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology that creates a quieter, more consistent operation and feel. Eagle pulley technology provides greater efficiency and crisper shifting. An aluminum cage and lightweight hardware not only reduces weight, but also increases durability. The largerX-SYNC™ lower pulley allows 10- to 50-tooth cassette capacity in this relatively compact design, and also adds to Eagle’s overall smooth-pedaling feel. If you have any questions at all, hop on a call or a chat with one of our expert Gear Advisors today at 888-880-3811 so that we can help you find that perfect component.