Seatpost Clamps

There’s nothing worse than having a seatpost that doesn’t stay in place. Indeed, when your seatpost slips, your saddle lowers, which if not quickly remedied can diminish pedaling efficiency and even cause knee pain. That’s why properly functioning seatpost clamps are so critical. Utilizing either a quick release or nut-and-bolt combination, seatpost clamps secure your seatpost in place, stopping it from slipping or twisting while you are spinning down the road or trail.

JensonUSA carries an expansive inventory of seatpost clamps from respected brands like Salsa, Thomson, Tune, Hope, and many others. When choosing a seatpost clamp, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. No. 1 is clamp diameter, which must be wide enough to fit around your bike frame’s seat tube. If you don’t know this measurement, check your exciting seatpost clamp or bike’s owner’s manual.

You’ll also need to decide between quick release or fixed bolt clamp style seatpost clamps. Quick release seatpost clamps are handy if you frequently raise and lower your saddle because they don’t require a tool to loosen and tighten. Otherwise best to opt for a fixed bolt model, which will usually be a touch lighter and has a cleaner overall look.

Whichever clamp style you choose, make sure not to overtighten your seatpost clamp (using a torque wrench and tightening to the recommended torque spec is key). Otherwise you risk damaging your seatpost (especially if it’s made of carbon fiber), or if you are using a dropper post, overtightening the seatpost clamp can impede function and cause the post to stick instead of smoothly moving through its travel.

Many seatpost clamp makers also offer a variety of colors, which is a fun way to add a little flare to your ride. If you have any questions about seatpost clamps, don’t hesitate to give one of our Gear Advisors a call 888-880-3811. They can help guide you through the decision making process, and assure your seatpost — and saddle — stay in place.