Muc-Off Reusable Kid Face Mask
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Endura FS260-Pro Headband
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Endura FS260-Pro Skull Cap
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Garneau Winter Skull Cap
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Technical Cycling Headwear

Helmets aren’t the only thing that a lot of mountain bikers and road bikes wear on their heads. Whether you’re riding in the heat or riding in the cold, there is something you can wear on your head. There are cycling bandanas, balaclavas, cycling skull caps, hats and visors, winter cycling caps, and beanies.

Cycling bandanas, like most other headwear for cycling, is designed to keep the sweat out of your eyes. They are made with lightweight materials that have moisture wicking properties and help you stay cool. Some cycling bandanas, like the one from Halo Headbands, have a water-tight seal that channels the water around your eyes instead of letting it go directly down your forehead. This means you’ll be able to climb those mountains knowing the only burn you’ll feel is in your legs and not in your eyes. These are similar to cycling skull caps except bandanas have a tie in the back and skull caps designed to just pull over your head.

Cycling balaclavas are an excellent choice for riders who enjoy riding in the cold weather. Balaclavas cover almost the entire face, except for the eyes. They cover your nose, mouth, ears, neck, and head. Not only do balaclavas keep you warm, they also wick moisture away to keep you dry while you’re riding.

No matter what the day brings, just know that you’ll be covered, literally. Whether it’s a cycling bandana, a balaclava mask, or a skull cap, Jenson USA has the best headwear for all types of riding conditions. If you’re curious what gear we’re stoked up and what we personally use, ask one of our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.