Shimano Dura Ace Bike Parts


Dura-Ace Bike Parts

Dura-Ace components represent the pinnacle of performance, it is system engineering at its peak. Each component magnifies the qualities of the others for an unparalleled level of performance. Dura-Ace is designed to be the fastest components on the market. It is made for the quickest lap times and steepest climbs. Dura-Ace dominates the biggest stages where a few fleeting seconds can decide your position on the podium. It is the go to component group for professional racers and road riding enthusiasts the world over.

It all began back in 1973 when Shimano introduced the world to the first Dura-Ace groupset. This started Shimano’s steady ascent to a position of dominance not only in the pro cycling ranks, but also in the market as a whole. Prior to this, the professional peloton was dominated by European brands such as Campagnolo, but its position in the market was slowly diminished by Shimano’s rapid development of Dura-Ace.

A lot has changed over the years, but one thing still stands today. That is Shimano’s philosophy that each part of component group should function together and integrate into a whole system that improves the overall performance of the bicycle. This philosophy is what keeps Dura-Ace at the top of its game and the choice of the professional peloton.

This leads us to Shimano’s most advanced system of road cycling components in Shimano’s 90 plus year history, the Dura-Ace 9100 series. The latest Dura-Ace still features 11 speeds but gets some noticeable updates. The most radical of which is the new rear derailleur which takes on the Shimano’s Shadow low profile design that was first introduced on its mountain bike line of components. This new derailleur is now capable of accommodating a 30t sprocket which is major news for those of us not so super humans that could use bail out gear.

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