Shimano Mountain Bike Parts


Shimano Mountain Bike Parts

Shop a large selection of Shimano mountain bike components at Shimano mountain bike components were created to meet the high demands of today’s mountain bike riders. They offer the most efficient and precise operation available, with different levels to suit any riding style and any budget. From Cross Country to All Mountain, Enduro, and Downhill, Shimano groupsets work for you, so you can focus on the task at hand, enjoying your ride.

Shimano mountain bike components offer a wide range of gear ratios that provide efficient pedaling for riders that are not bound by any style of riding. These riders love the thrill of tackling steep climbs and traversing the valleys at their own pace. Shimano’s Electronic or mechanical shifting system backed up by powerful and reliable braking systems allow riders the freedom to ride how they want, when they want. Meeting the needs of every rider is a key goal of Shimano performance

Cross country riding not only requires stamina but also demands technologies that make up the bike itself. Shimano mountain bike components support the challenges of riders like these. Shimano XTR, XT, and SLX provide the technologies required for the cross-country rider to rise to their full potential. Precision shifting along with braking give the needed tools for elite racers or weekend warriors to extract the most from their bicycle and their Shimano components.

For the Enduro and All-mountain rider Shimano makes systems that compliment this style of riding. Whether your budget allows for the precision and weight savings of XTR, or the rough and tough reliability of SLX, Shimano mountain bike components are built to handle the sudden rises and falls, large dips, and tight curves of the enduro course. These reliable traits provide the rider with the confidence needed to see the Enduro and All-mountain rider to their goal.

If letting gravity take control and bombing steep chutes while competing for speed and control of bike is your scene then Shimano has created Saint and ZEE just for you. Shimano offers this lineup of superior components to achieve World Cup levels of speed and control. Particularly in the brake system, which must provide hours of high response, revolutionary heat dissipation technologies are used to sustain a stable damping force.