Shimano SLX Bike Parts



Whether you’re XC or Enduro, Trail or All-mountain, Shimano SLX provides the high performance your bike craves. The Shimano SLX groupset benefits from trickle down features of Shimano’s XT and XTR line of components. It provides some of the advancements of these component groups at a much lower price tag making SLX the component group for riders who are looking to get the most for what they have in their pocket.

SLX sits right in the middle of Shimano’s line-up just below XT, but above Deore, and is typically found on bikes ranging from $1,700 to around $2,400. It uses fewer exotic materials than XT and XTR which helps keeps the price down, but although SLX costs less than Shimano’s other two more expensive component groups, SLX does not lack in performance. In fact, the group shares every feature and technology found in XT and XTR.

At the heart of the SLX group is the Hollowtech II crankset that provides an unrivaled strength to weight ratio that will keep you spinning confidently down the trail. Dynamic Chain Engagement holds the chain securely to the chain ring eliminating any chance of the chain accidentally derailing. The Hollowtech II technology keeps weight to a minimum. And if you’re looking for an even wider gear ratio, Shimano offers the SLX crankset in a 2x option.

As for shifting; Shimano SLX utilizes Rapidfire Plus Technology in the shifter that works in conjunction with the cassette and rear derailleur to supply riders with a crisp feel, and quick, positive shifts. Rapidfire Plus Technology allows riders 2-way release along with the ability to downshift three gears in one click. The shift levers are lower profile and have improved ergonomics and longer levers that make shifts easier.

When it comes time to bring things to a stop, Shimano SLX brakes get the job done with confidence in all conditions. SLX brakes adopt many of the top-end technologies from XTR and XT, including Servo-Wave modulation and ceramic pistons, making these brakes feel amazing and powerful. These brakes require only a single finger to reach full braking power. At a lower cost than XT and XTR, these benefits are hard to beat. If you need assistance with making the right purchase, please give one of our expert Gear Advisors a call today at 888-880-3811