Shimano Zee Mountain Bike Parts

Shimano Zee HB-M640 Rear Hub
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MSRP $56.99
Award Winner
Shimano Zee HB-M640 Front Hub
SAVE 15 %
MSRP $52.99
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Shimano Zee Fc-M640 68/73mm Crankset
SAVE 21 %
MSRP $126.00
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Shimano Zee SL-M640 10 Speed Shifter
SAVE 21 %
MSRP $28.99
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Shimano Zee RD-M640 10SP Rear Derailleur
SAVE 29 %
MSRP $69.99
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Shimano H03C Metal Saint / Zee Brake Pad
SAVE 24 %
MSRP $46.00
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Shimano Zee Fc-M645 83mm Crankset
From $89.99
SAVE 30 %
MSRP $128.00
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Shimano M640 Zee Hydraulic Brake Lever
SAVE 14 %
MSRP $35.00
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Shimano Zee BR-M640 Disc Brake
SAVE 30 %
MSRP $185.00
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Shimano ZEE Mountain Bike Parts

The Shimano ZEE component group appeals to the rider who likes to let gravity do the work for them. This rider can be found bombing steep chutes, hitting massive X-Games style jumps and mashing through rock gardens. To compete in this extreme form of mountain biking, Shimano offers ZEE. With the industry’s top-level strength and durability, ZEE was designed to see you through from top to bottom. The ZEE drivetrain maintains efficiency and stability even under harsh conditions. All components join together as a single unit to support balanced, steady operation. This kind of performance leads to maximum satisfaction at the end of the ride.

Due to its budget-friendly price point, ZEE is the perfect place for the new gravity rider to start. But just because it is easier on the wallet when compared to Saint, doesn’t mean that ZEE skimps on features, function, or durability. From the ZEE cranks to the brakes and derailleurs, the engineers at Shimano squeezed out a ton of performance when they designed this component system.

The shifting has a crisp feel and throws down the gear shifts almost instantaneously across the whole range of gears. The brakes provide excellent modulation and provide confident stopping power in any condition. Thoughtful touches like steel pedal inserts in the crank arms let you know that ZEE was made for business. These features together make ZEE a top contender when considering you next groupset for your gravity bike.

Although ZEE may be considered the little sibling to Saint, its performance reaches far above what its mid-level status may suggest. You shouldn’t consider these budget parts, but instead components that are intended to appeal to the average rider with the average budget. Shimano did a great job with trickle down performance from Saint when they created ZEE.