Single Speed Cogs


Single Speed Cogs

Whether setting up a singlespeed mountain bike, dialing in your track bike gearing, or replacing a worn cog on your Shimano cassette,’s wide array of single speed cogs have you covered.

For the uninitiated, a cog is a machined wheel of metal with teeth that engage your bike’s chain, allowing the pedaling power you put into your drivetrain to equal forward motion of you and your bike. These cogs typically come as part of cassette (with multiple cogs), but purchasing a single speed cog is also an option, and often a preference for those attracted to the simplicity of riding singlespeed bikes, which do not require a front or rear derailleur because there are no gears to change.

If setting up a singlespeed mountain bike is your goal, you will need to decide which gear makes the most sense for you and your needs. For instance the Wolf Tooth Single Speed Aluminum Cog comes in 17, 18, 19, 20, and 22-tooth options. The fewer teeth the cog has the harder it is to pedal up hills, but the better able you will be to maintain speed on flats or descents. Conversely utilizing a single speed cog with more teeth will make it easier to spin up climbs, but leave you more susceptible to getting spun out on flatter terrain.

You might also be looking to replace one of the smaller cogs on your existing cassette, which have a tendency to wear out more quickly than cogs with more teeth. The best option will likely be something like the Shimano XT 11-tooth cog, which allows you to swap out the worn part without having to replace the entire cassette.

If you are confused by all this single speed cogs talk, fear not. JensonUSA has Gear Advisors standing by to answer all your questions. Just give us a call at 951-234-7554 and we’ll get you spinning in the right direction.