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Specialized Trail Pant
From $107.95
SAVE 20 %
MSRP $135.00
Award Winner
Specialized Deflect Reflect H2O W Jacket
From $52.94
SAVE 79 %
MSRP $250.00
Specialized Trail Logo Pant
From $99.95
SAVE 31 %
MSRP $145.00
Specialized Trail SWAT Jacket
From $97.95
SAVE 30 %
MSRP $140.00
Specialized Altered Trail Rain Jacket
SAVE 33 %
MSRP $180.00
Award Winner
Specialized RBX Merino SS Jersey
From $68.99
SAVE 43 %
MSRP $120.00
Award Winner
Specialized Trail Air Jersey LS
From $59.95
SAVE 25 %
MSRP $80.00
Specialized Trail-Series Wind Jacket
From $66.99
SAVE 46 %
MSRP $125.00
Specialized Soft Air Mid Sock
From $11.95
SAVE 20 %
MSRP $15.00
Award Winner
Specialized Altered Trail Jersey LS
SAVE 27 %
MSRP $75.00
Specialized Gravity Pant
From $109.95
SAVE 31 %
MSRP $160.00
Specialized Hydrogen Aero Tall Socks
From $14.94
SAVE 40 %
MSRP $25.00
Specialized Trail Sheild Glove LF
From $20.94
SAVE 40 %
MSRP $35.00
Specialized Deflect Wind Vest
SAVE 40 %
MSRP $100.00
Specialized Therminal Leg Warmers
SAVE 40 %
MSRP $55.00
Specialized Mountain Tall Socks
SAVE 39 %
MSRP $18.00
Specialized Road Tall Socks
SAVE 41 %
MSRP $21.99
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Since 1974, Specialized has been creating some of the highest quality parts, accessories, and bikes that the world has ever known. They were created when quality tires weren’t around and they strove to make the best. They created the first production mountain bike when they saw that riders wanted to ride their beach cruisers in the dirt and when road bikers wanted to go faster, they produced amazing carbon bikes and built their own wind tunnel. The level of quality that Specialized strove for back in 1974 still rings true today. They make some of the best bike shoes, bike helmets, bike saddles, and bike tires on the market.

For all types of riding, there is a Specialized bike helmet ready to protect your head. Whether it’s road racing, gravel riding, trail riding, time trials, or downhill bombing, there is a highly sought after Specialized helmet waiting to be worn. Many of their helmets are designed and scientifically tested in a wind tunnel to ensure that maximum aerodynamics is achieved. Some of the newer helmets now come with the ANGi system that connects with an app on your smartphone and detects when you crash. This new technology alerts your emergency contacts when you start a ride and alerts them if you take a fall.

Whether you have a trail bike or a road bike, there are numerous Specialized saddles to suit everyone’s needs. Poorly designed and sized saddles can cause pain and numbness while you’re riding, so Specialized, with their Body Geometry designs, set out to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries. Their SWAT compatibility on most of their saddles allows riders to integrate storage solutions into their saddles as well.

There are Specialized shoes for every situation like road, triathlon, trail, downhill, winter riding, commuting, gravel, and cyclocross. Specialized road shoes are designed for scientifically tested to boost power transfer so you can power up those climbs and sprint to victory. Specialized mountain bike shoes are designed for power transfer and exceptional grip. They have clip-in and flat cycling shoes like the Specialized 2FO flat shoes that have SlipNot Rubber outsoles that optimize grip and durability in all conditions. Both use Body Geometry sole construction.

The category that Specialized is most known for is their tires. They have been making tires for over 40 years and have innovated every step of the way. Specialized tires are some of the fastest and most durable tires on the market. The GRIPTON compound on their road and mountain tires provides exceptionally low rolling resistance and excellent traction in wet and dry conditions. Their tire factory allows Specialized to scrutinize and control every step of the tire production so they can create the ultimate tires for every situation and condition.

For the ultimate experience on your bike, Specialized S-Works products provide the highest quality and lightest weight product in the bike world. S-Works Specialized cycling shoes are incredibly lightweight and stiff which boosts power and increases efficiency so you can pedal to victory or beat that KOM on the trail. S-Works helmets feel like you’re not wearing anything on your head and their tires use lightweight materials but never sacrifice durability and strength.

So whether you're looking for tires, helmets, shoes, or other technical apparel, then Specialized and Jenson USA have got you covered. If you have any questions about their products or want to know which products we're personally stoked about, then talk to one of your expert Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554 seven days a week.