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Cycling Sunglasses

Nothing is worse than going out for a nice ride, getting up to cruising speed on your bike, then having something fly in your eye forcing you to come to a stop. That’s where cycling sunglasses come in. Bike glasses help shield a rider’s eyes from the wind, the sun, and debris. Some of the most common debris riders experience out on the trail or on the road are bugs, dirt and dust, and water. Cycling glasses come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles for all types of riding like mountain biking and road biking. Many sunglasses have different features and lens technology that make them better for certain riding situations over other sunglasses.

Some sunglasses come with interchangeable lenses so you can change your lenses on the fly to meet the needs of the ride you’re doing. Other sunglasses will come with just a single lens. If you’re doing a longer ride that starts in the early morning before the sun comes out, then you can start your ride with a clear lens so you can see better. When the sun comes out, you can switch your clear lens to a darker lens to protect your eyes from the sunlight. On cloudy days, an amber lens works best.

One major problem that many cyclists experience is lens fogging. Some sunglasses, like the Oakley Jawbreaker cycling sunglasses, feature ventilation to help promote anti-fogging. Another issue cyclists have is helmet compatibility with their sunglasses. Some Oakley cycling sunglasses come with multiple temple lengths for better helmet compatibility. Many other brands have an adjustable nose pad and earpieces that are made with hydrophilic rubber to create a high-quality custom fit for each rider.

Lenses are always a huge topic when it comes to sunglasses. Lower-end sunglasses will have basic lenses that protect a rider’s eyes from UV rays and other things like bugs and debris, but higher-end bike glasses will have polarized lenses and even photochromic lenses. Photochromic cycling sunglasses have lenses that are sensitive to light. That means the tint of the lens will change based on the lighting conditions. Essentially less light will mean less tint or a lighter lens, and more light will mean more tint or a darker lens. Some major brands will allow for prescription lenses to be inserted into their pair of cycling glasses for a better field of vision.

Here at Jenson USA, we like riding everywhere and at all times of the day. You’ll often find us starting bike rides at the crack of dawn or finishing rides late at night. That means we have a wide range of cycling glasses we like to use. Jenson USA carries premium brands like Oakley, Tifosi, 100%, Scott, and POC. Whether you’re riding in the Tour de France, mountain biking, or just cruisin’ the boardwalk, we have the right pair of cycling glasses for you. If you want to know which cycling glasses we’re stoked on, then ask our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.