When it comes to bike racks, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a rack that is better quality than the racks from Thule. It all started back in 1942 by the Thulin family. Erik Thulin was a lover of the outdoors and put the Thule name on a pike fishing trap. By the 1960s, the company started making products for vehicles so people could bring their gear along with them easier. Now they are one of the leading producers of bike racks.

Thule produces racks that fit in your hitch, on the back of your trunk, and on your roof. This makes it easier to take your bike along with you wherever you want to go. With options for one bike all the way up to five bikes, Thule racks are the best option for riders who want to go to new locations to ride their bikes.

While hitch racks are simple to install, trunk racks and roof racks are a little more difficult due to complexities in vehicle compatibility. Most vehicles will accept a trunk rack with ease, but some trunks are just not made for a rack if they have an abnormal shape. That’s where roof racks come into play. Thule offers a wide variety of base bars to fit most roofs and has fit kits to tailor these base bars to the specific vehicle.

Their hitch racks allow riders to safely and securely transport their bikes from one place to another. Thule ensures that their racks are top quality by testing them at the Thule Test Center. The hitch racks are loaded with the recommended maximum weight and then simulate them going around the world twice. This even includes going over bumps. When their hitch rack survives this level of abuse, then it is good enough for riders to put on the back of their vehicles.

It is already established that they make excellent racks for roofs, trunks, and hitches, but they also make other excellent products such as trailers, strollers, bike cases, hydration packs, backpacks, and racks that mount on your bike without the need of threaded eyelets. The Pack ‘N Pedal Tour Rack mounts on the back of just about any bike so riders can mount a trunk bag to the back of their bike, eliminating the need to wear a backpack if they’re riding to work.

So whether you’re looking for load bars for your vehicle’s roof, a stroller, a rack for your truck bed, or any other Thule products, Jenson USA has got you covered. If you have any questions about Thule USA or want to know what racks we use on our vehicles, then ask one of our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 951-234-7554.