Top caps are a simple and inexpensive way to customize your bike. Most all headsets come with top caps included, but if you want to be unique and stand out in a crowd, grab yourself a custom top cap. A top cap connects to the bike via a M5 bolt that screws into a star nut that is installed in the steer-tube of the fork. Some top caps come in a pack that includes a star nut and bolt, while others just come as a replacement cap.

A standard top cap is essentially the same as every other top cap. They may vary in design and color, but they all accomplish the same thing. A top cap is used to tighten the headset of a bike. To do this, the stem of the bike must be loose around the steer-tube, so it can slide as the headset is tightened.

A lot of companies have started to make top caps that serve other purposes besides tightening the headset. A common modification is a design that allows you to put a bottle cap on top of the top cap. This allows you to stare down at the bottle cap of your favorite beer or soda pop while you are shredding down a trail or cruising on the road.

Some companies have also designed top caps that ditch the conventional star nut and bolt setup. These top caps consist of a lower connected piece that expands inside the steer-tube, a bolt on the top can then can be tightened to secure the headset together. The advantage of this style of top cap is that a permanent star nut doesn’t have to be installed.

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