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Bike Tube Parts

At JensonUSA, bike tube parts is a bit of a catchall component category that ranges from valve stem caps (in lots of colors and designs), to valve extenders (very handy for deep section carbon rims), to tire inserts, which are actually used with tubeless set-ups, allowing you to run lower air pressure and ride aggressively without fear of tearing your tire’s sidewall or denting your rims.

Our current Presta valve stem cap line-up includes offerings from brands like Foundation, Deity, Box, and KCNC. These are a great way to add a little flair to your wheels, with companies such as KCNC stocking black, blue, gold, green, red, and silver-colored air valve caps.

Elsewhere in our bike tube parts department, you’ll find presta valve extenders from brands like ENVE and Lezyne. This handy and easy to carry item allows riders with deep-section rims to access (and air up) inner tubes that have valves that are too short to extend all the way through and out of the rim.

The newest addition to JensonUSA’s bike tubes and parts inventory are tire inserts from companies like Cush Core and Vittoria. Cush Core, for instance, is an engineered foam insert that mounts inside your mountain bike tire. It divides the inner volume of the tire in half, with air underneath the tread and the Cush Core insert next to the rim. The purpose of Cush Core is to both help prevent pinch flats and improve the ride quality of your bike by absorbing shocks, stopping deflection off obstacles, reducing vibration, and stabilizing the tire against roll and squirm. Think of it as a tire suspension system designed to give you a faster, smoother ride.

These systems are designed to be used with tubeless-ready or tubeless converted mountain bike rims and tubeless tires and are compatible with all tubeless liquid tire sealants. These inserts have gained especially rapid popularity in the world of enduro and downhill mountain bike racing, where riders covet the performance benefits of improved traction and ride feel with lower tire pressures, and must also avoid race ruining flat tires if they want to be in contention for the final podium.

Bike tire liners are designed to work with tires that have inner tubes inside. These liners go in between the tire and the inner tube and provide an extra layer of protection to prevent puncture flats. Bike tire liners will help stop thorns and smaller threats like staples, glass, and small pieces of metal from puncturing through the tire and deflating the inner tube.

Whichever bike tube parts (or tire inserts) you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact a JensonUSA Gear Advisors. They’ll happily help you find the right parts for you and your needs. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.