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Bike Tubes and Tubeless Kits

Whether you’re hunting for spare inner tubes, the latest mountain bike tire inserts, or a bottle of liquid tire sealant, JensonUSA has you covered with an expansive line-up of bike tubes and tubeless kits. In every case the goal is essentially the same: help keep air in your tires and a smile on your face. Because no one’s ever happy about having to stop mid-ride to fix a flat tire. And it’s even worse if you can’t fix that flat and have to walk home or call for a ride.

So what’s the best way to prevent and/or deal with tire punctures? That depends. For many road bike riders, simply carrying a spare tube and the tools needed to fix a flat is enough, as (knock on wood) punctures just aren’t that common. Just make sure you get the right tube for your bike, paying close attention to tube size (which should be in the same range as the width of your tires), valve length (which needs to be long enough to fit the depth of your rims) and valve type (presta tubes or Schrader tubes). This is an especially important consideration if your bike is spec’d with deep section carbon wheels, which often require an inner tube with a valve stem that is at least 60mm long or valve extenders.

Of course, the other option is to forsake using inner tubes and instead set your bike’s tires up tubeless. This requires a little extra time, effort, and supplies on the front end, but can save you many headaches over the long haul. Setting your tires up with a tubeless system eliminates the risk of pinch flats (because there’s no tube to pinch) and allows you to run lower tire pressures, which enhances traction, lowers rolling resistance, and improves overall ride quality. It’s for that reason that tubeless conversions are the norm for mountain biking and are gaining increasing popularity with drop bar bike riders, especially gravel and cyclocross enthusiasts. Tubeless conversion kits typically come with tubeless rim strips, presta valves with removable cores, and sealant. All you’ll need is a tubeless tire and a compatible rim.

To reap these benefits, start by perusing the JensonUSA bicycle tubes and tubeless kits department, picking up items such as tubeless valves, liquid tire sealant, and, if your rims are not already tubeless ready, a roll of appropriate sized tubeless rim tape. Aggressive mountain bike riders may also want to consider tire inserts, which typically are made from closed cell foam and provide a protective cushion for your tire and rim, allowing you to run minimal air pressure without fear of slashing your tire or dinging your rim. These inserts have gained rapid popularity in the world of enduro and downhill mountain bike racing, where riders covet the performance benefits of maximized traction delivered by lower air pressure, but must avoid race ruining flat tires at all costs.

No matter your approach for keeping air in your tires, JensonUSA’s bike tubes and tubeless kits inventory is your puncture protection source. We carry all manner of products from respected brands like QBP, Stan’s NoTubes, CushCore, Orange Seal, and many others. And if you have any questions, dial up one of our Gear Advisors. You can email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811. They’ll do their best to make sure your next ride doesn’t end in frustration on the side of the road or trail.