Warmers & Sleeves

Staying the perfect temperature while you’re riding can be complicated. If you’re too cold or too warm while you’re riding, then you might not have as much fun. Wearing long sleeve thermal jerseys and tights will keep you warm in the morning when it’s colder, but if you stay out too long when the weather starts to warm up, then you might regret wearing those. That is where cycling arm warmers, knee warmers, and leg warmers come into play. If you’re doing a long ride that has a 20 degree or more fluctuation in temperature, then layering will be an incredibly effective way at managing your temperature. Arm warmers, leg warmers, and knee warmers are all designed to be easily removeable so you can take them off when it gets warm and put them back on when it gets cooler.

Cycling arm warmers are designed to be used with a short sleeve jersey and cover from the wrist to just below the shoulder. The sleeve of the jersey should be worn over the arm warmer and will help hold it in place so it doesn’t slide down your arm. Most arm warmers have a gripper on the upper arm that help prevent them from sliding down.

Much like arm warmers, cycling knee warmers and leg warmers are designed to be worn with cycling shorts and bib shorts. Leg warmers cover from the ankle to the upper thigh and knee warmers cover the upper thigh to just below the knee. Much like arm warmers, most of these will have silicone grippers to help them stay in place and not slide down. Sun sleeves are thinner than warmers and help riders stay cool when the weather gets warmer outside. These are designed for UV protection and are a great alternative to wearing sun screen because they never need to be reapplied and never rub off. These are similar to warmers in how they cover the arms, knees, and legs.

Our Gear Advisors are all about layering up when it gets cold. This means there is no excuse to not go out and hit up the local trails. If you’re curious about how our Gear Advisors deal with the cold weather, then email, chat, or call them at 888-880-3811.