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Yeti Cycles

Yeti is an American bicycle manufacturer founded in Golden, Colorado.  The company is founded on the simple philosophy that they build bikes that they want to ride.  Having begun in 1985, Yeti was at the forefront of mountain biking as we now know it.

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If you've been following the evolution of Yeti Cycles over the years, you're probably quite aware of the signature Turquoise color that was often reserved for the Colorado-based company's top-end bikes. If you haven't been following this, don't worry, we've brought you up to speed.

In 2017, Yeti split their frame/bike lineup into 2 levels; the TURQ Series and the Yeti Carbon Series. The TURQ  moniker designates their highest quality carbon frames, while the Carbon Series is a lower cost option of the same beautiful and amazingly fun bikes that Yeti offers. Luckily, for those who are not a fan of the color turquoise, the TURQ name does not indicate the frame color. So, you may be asking, "What's the difference and why are they different?" Well, we're here to help answers that very questions, and to help you weigh which option best feeds your riding needs, wants, and desires. Learn more about Yeti TURQ ›