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120 Psi Mini Pump


Topeak | Mini Dual Dxg Pump | Black |Silv, 120Psi, W/ Smarthead


Topeak Mini Master Blaster DXG Pump Perfect inflation every time. The Mini Dual DX has a built-in gauge and Smart Head that makes inflating your tires a breeze. The Smart Head is compatible with both schrader and presta valves without swapping parts. A soft Kraton polymer and plastic handle ensure a firm grip while pumping up your tires. The built-in gauge is a key feature as it ensures the perfect amount of inflation. Features: Smart ...


Lezyne | Grip Drive Hp Pump | Black | Small


Lezyne Grip Drive HP Pump The Lezyne Grip Drive HP Pump is a high pressure bicycle hand pump featuring a knurled barrel for superior grip while pumping. Its proven engineered design with an overlapping handle is constructed from machined aluminum, providing superior durability, minimal weight and all of the style. The integrated ABS Flex Hose is presta and shrader valve compatible, and greatly improves pumping action and ergonomics. This mini pump is completely rebuildable and ...


Pro | Touring Telescopic Mini Pump | Black | Mini Pump, Telescopic | Nylon


PRO Touring Telescopic Mini Pump The PRO Touring Mini Pump is a compact mini pump that'll help you out in a pinch (flat). The PRO Touring Mini Pump works with both Presta and Schrader. The magnetic lock system is a quick and easy lock system at adds no weight at all. With a max. pressure of 120 PSI, it'll work just fine for road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes, making it a top-contender for ...


Blackburn | Core Co2'fer Mini Pump Silver | Rubber


BLACKBURN CORE CO2'FER MINI PUMPNothing is worse than getting a flat and being stranded on the side of the trail or road because you don't have a pump to inflate your tube. Most riders can't decide on whether to bring CO2 or a mini pump with them, so why not bring both? The Blackburn Core CO2'FER Mini Pump is a stand-alone mini pump that can also use CO2 cartridges to inflate your tubes. It features ...


Lezyne | Gauge Drive Hp-Medium Frame Pump | Black | Hi Gloss


Lezyne Gauge Drive HP Hand Pump Lezyne's Gauge Drive is the premier choice for those looking for the perfect blend of performance and longevity in a hand pump. The Gauge Drive HP's (high pressure) optimized design allows you pump up your high pressure, lower volume tires such as those for road bikes, to the proper riding pressure with fewer strokes than similar mini pumps. Lezyne achieves this by using an overlapping handle and barrel with ...