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Rockshox Reverb Axs 125mm Seatpost 31.6mm


// Rockshox Reverb Axs 125mm SeatpostThe new Era of Dropper PostsNo hoses, no routing, and no energy wasted. These are the three key features that SRAM set out to achieve when designing the new Reverb AXS. Revamping the previous Reverb post from head to toe, SRAM created the industry’s first reliable wireless-electronic dropper seatpost. The Seatpost features a new controller you touch instead of a lever you throw and a new re-designed post head makes ...


KS ETEN Remote Dropper Seatpost 2020 Black, 31.6mm, 125mm Travel, 445mm Length

$94.50 10% off $105.00 msrp

tr:hover {background-color: #ddd;}KS ETEN REMOTE DROPPER SEATPOST 2020DROP DOWN LOWDropper posts have become the norm in the mountain bike world. Most bikes come stock with a dropper post now. If you're looking to upgrade from a rigid seat post to a dropper post without spending a ton, then you'll want the KS eTen Remote Dropper Seatpost. The eTen Remote is a high-quality dropper post that has a specific eTen hydraulic cartridge and a single bolt ...


KS E20 Dropper Seatpost 2020 Black, 31.6mm, 150mm Travel, 480mm Length

$143.10 10% off $159.00 msrp

tr:hover {background-color: #ddd;}KS E20 DROPPER SEATPOST 2020DROP ON INDropper posts continue to get better every year and have become the norm in the mountain biking and even the gravel world. If you're looking to upgrade your rigid seat post to a dropper post, you should consider one with award-winning technology. The KS E20 Dropper Seatpost features LEV zero-movement cable technology now at a truly affordable price point. The E20 hydraulic dropper is available in both ...


TranzX Skyline Seatpost 30.9mm, 125mm, Internal routing


TranzX Skyline SeatpostThe TranzX Skyline Seatpost is internally routed and can take your riding to a new level without breaking bank. The TranzX Skyline Seatpost represents the new standard in dropper posts and is one of the most popular droppers chosen by countless bike brands. It features a proven sealed hydraulic cartridge with reliable 6061 aluminum alloy construction the Skyline is built to work, and built to last, with minimal maintenance and a 2-year warranty. ...


FSA Adjustable Dropper Seatpost 31.6, 408mm Length, 125mm Travel

$248.99 12% off $285.99 msrp

FSA Adjustable Dropper SeatpostAdding a dropper post to your Mountain Bike will change the way you ride forever. The option to drop your seatpost on-the-fly gives you the confidence to tackle technical terrain that you may have skipped over in the past because you couldn't easily get your seat out of the way. Because of this, dropper posts have quickly become a top choice when it comes time to make upgrades to your rig. FSA ...


SDG Tellis Dropper Seatpost 150mm Travel, 31.6mm

$249.99 7% off $270.00 msrp

SDG TELLIS DROPPER SEATPOSTWORKS DROP AFTER DROPDropper posts have revolutionized the way mountain bikers ride their bikes. Back in the day, riders had to dismount their bikes before a descent to lower their seatposts so they could get a lower center of gravity and then dismount again when they got to a steep hill. With a dropper post, long gone are the days of dismounting. Riders can just flick a lever and lift and lower ...


Ritchey WCS Kite Dropper Seatpost Black, 31.6X380mm, 125mm

$299.95 18% off $369.95 msrp

// RITCHEY WCS KITE DROPPER SEATPOSTDropper seatposts have revolutionized how mountain bikers rider. Riders don't have to manually lower their seat anymore by getting off the bike. A dropper post allows you to descend safely with a lower center of gravity and climb efficienty all with the press of a button or lever. The Ritchey WCS Kite Dropper Seatpost is a 3-position post. It offers 30mm of initial drop which provides a good balance between ...


TranzX Kitsuma Air Seatpost 30.9mm, 125mm travel, internal routing


TranzX Kitsuma Air SeatpostThe TranzX Kitsuma Air Seatpost was designed for the most drop with the least weight without compromising structural integrity. It features a lightweight alloy air cartridge upgrade to the Kitsuma, shaving grams and adding rebound adjustment to create our premier high-performance dropper post. Fit for the pro circuit but priced for the privateer, the Kitsuma Air will help you achieve your enduro dreams with less weight for the up and more drop ...


Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost 31.6mm, 400mm Length, 125mm Travel


Thomson Elite Dropper SeatpostThomson components are known for their impeccable quality, attention to detail, and overall strength. No stranger to the all-mountain trail bike, it was only logical that Thomson would branch into the dropper seatpost market. The one-piece forged inner post is strong and reliable as there aren't any joints to loosen or fail. Their cartridge based system is designed to have the longest service life in the industry. Actuation is by cam so ...