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Specialized | S-Works Power Saddle | Black | 143Mm


SPECIALIZED S-WORKS POWER SADDLEPOWER TO THE RIDERSFor some riders, finding the right saddle can be difficult. No two saddles fit the exact same which makes finding a perfect saddle even more difficult. There is one saddle that comes close to being the perfect saddle though. The Specialized S-Works Power Saddle is a premium-quality, ultra-lightweight saddle that is designed for both men and women and both road riding and mountain bike riding. It features FACT carbon ...


Specialized | Phenom Comp Saddle | Black | 143Mm | Polyurethane


Specialized Phenom Comp Saddle Be the next Phenom Designed for comfort and strength over long days on the trail, the Specialized Phenom Comp Saddle is ready for any adventure. Patented body geometry is lab tested to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries and low friction panels on the nose and tail improve pedaling efficiency and mobility while moving on the saddle. A carbon-reinforced shell with flexible Adaptive Edge technology adapts to your body for a ...


Specialized | S-Works Power Mirror Saddle | Black | 143Mm


SPECIALIZED S-WORKS POWER MIRROR SADDLELOOK INTO THE MIRRORSaddles play a huge role in comfort. Saddles can be difficult to navigate though, with some saddles feeling great and some others feeling terrible. The Specialized S-Works Power Mirror Saddle has Mirror technology with 3D printing from a liquid polymer to perfectly reflect your anatomy. This creates a complex honeycomb structure for an infinite tuning of the material's density that isn't possible with regular foam. This saddle has ...


Fi'zi:k | Tempo Aliante R1 Saddle | Black | 145Mm | Nylon


Fizik Tempo Aliante R1 Saddle A Lightweight Endurance Cycling Saddle If you're looking for maximum performance and comfort on your road bike, then you'll want an exceptional saddle. The Fizik Tempo Aliante R1 Saddle is a lightweight endurance cycling saddle that features a waved profile that maximizes comfort, support, and pressure relief. The ride-compliant, carbon-reinforced nylon shell and highly stiff carbon rail offer a more comfortable ride over rough terrain, the Wingflex sides adapt ...


Specialized | Women's Phenom With Mimic Comp Saddle | Black | 143Mm

$104.99 25% off $139.99 msrp

SPECIALIZED WOMEN'S PHENOM WITH MIMIC COMP SADDLEA SADDLE THAT IS PHENOMENALSaddles are a tricky thing. One saddle might feel great to someone else but feel like sitting on a brick to you. Before you choose any saddle, you should get sized to make sure you're getting the best saddle. The Specialized Women's Phenom Comp With Mimic Saddle is designed specifically for women. It has Mimic technology that uses multilayered materials to maintain equilibrium and minimize ...