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160 Mm Brake Adapter


Campagnolo | Ekar Disc Brake Adapter Rear, 160Mm, Flat Mount


Campagnolo EKAR Disc Brake Adapter The Ekar adapter is the perfect companion for your new Ekar disc calipers. These lightweight adapters let you use a 160mm rotor with your Ekar disc calipers if your frame or fork uses a 140mm flat mount standard. This adapter is designed to be used with a flat mount caliper and flat mount frame or fork only. It is recommended that you only use Campagnolo parts in conjunction with these ...


Mrp | 12X100 Brake Adapter 160Mm 12X100 Brake Adapter

$20.94 16% off $24.95 msrp

MRP 12x100 Brake Adapter So you’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of gravel suspension with the Baxter fork. If you want to run a larger rotor you’ll need the corresponding flat mount adapter. Jumping up to a larger rotor often increases stopping power, which can be especially useful if you plan on using the Baxter fork for bikepacking. So what are you waiting for, go get your Baxter set up and head ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Post To Flat Mount Brake Adapter Blk


Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapter Allows Flat Mount Brakes To Work On Post Mounts Adapters are a perfect way to use components that aren't originally intended to work with your bike setup. The Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapter allows flat-mount brakes to be added to a frame or fork that was designed for post-mount brakes. This is perfect for riders who want to run a road groupset on their ...


Magura | Qm51 Flat Mount Disc Brake Adapter M5X10 T25

$23.67 20% off $29.59 msrp

Magura QM51 Flat Mount Disc Brake Adapter For Flat Mounts If you need to adapt a post mount to work with a bigger rotor, you'll need an adapter. The Magura QM51 Flat Mount Disc Brake Adapter is designed to mate Magura disc brakes with a variety of frame mounts and rotor sizes. The QM451 adapter adapts rear wheel flat mounts to work with 160mm rotors. It includes the hardware necessary to mount the adapter to ...


Surly | Ogre / Troll Rear Disc Adapter 160Mm Adapter


Surly Ogre / Troll Rear Disc Adapter The Surly Ogre and Troll frames take a specific disc adapter. This is the one you need for running a 160mm rotor with a 74mm post mount caliper on the rear of your rig. Features Rear brake adaptor specifically designed ONLY for the Surly Troll and Ogre For use with 160mm rotor only Brake caliper must be 74mm post mount compatible | Surly | Ogre / Troll Rear ...


Galfer | Brake Adaptors +20Mm Adapter, 22 Grams


Galfer Brake Adaptors MORE (braking) POWERSet up your brakes to run larger rotors for increased braking performance with Galfer’s Brake Adaptors. They’re available in a 20mm variant to allow you to run a 180mm rotor on a 160mm post mount. The 20mm variant is also commonly used to run the 203mm Galfer oversized rotor. The adaptor is also available in a 43mm variant to allow you to run a 203mm rotor on a 160mm post ...