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TRP | 33 2 Piece Rotor 160mm, 6 Bolt


TRP 33 2-Piece RotorsNext level rotor technologyTRP’s two-piece rotors offer superior heat dissipation due to the aluminum center as well as excellent stiffness to provide you with confidence in your braking and lighter weight in 180/203mm sizes. The TRP Two-Piece comes in the new TRP 33 version which features a slotted design. Six recessed slots create channels to allow water, mud, and other debris trapped between the pad and rotor to escape under braking. When ...


Shimano | RT-MT900 Centerlock Disc Rotor 140mm


SHIMANO RT-MT900 CENTERLOCK DISC ROTORThe Shimano MT900 XTR Centerlock rotor is the pinnacle of Shimano's ICE Technology development. First featured in Pro Downhill mountain bike racing, the line has been expanded to include all sizes of rotors so other disciplines can also enjoy the benefits of this top-of-the-line brake technology. The MT900 features Ice-Tech technology which is Shimano’s best-in-category heat management system. Brake heat from long descents sucks power from your brakes, ...


Hayes | MX Comp Mechanical Disc Brake | Black | Post Mount and 160mm Rotor Includ


Mechanical disc brakes provide excellent stopping power and are easy to service. The Hayes MX-5 caliper is forged, which means it's strong. In order to make pad adjustments, you use a 5mm Allen key. This is something every home bike mechanic has in their toolbox. Hayes has included a 160mm V series rotor with the MX-5 to get you on the trail faster. | Hayes | MX Comp Mechanical Disc Brake | Black | Post ...


Galfer | Wave Road Disc Brake Rotor 160mm, 6 Bolt


Galfer Wave® Disc Brake RotorDiligently made in Spain, the Wave® Disc Rotor is Galfer's research and development at its' best. Each rotor is laser cut and double-disc ground from high carbon stainless steel for powerful, progressive and modular braking in both dry and wet conditions. An anti-corrosion treatment is applied to the high carbon stainless steel to increase longevity. The Wave's high temperature resistance properties ensure stopping performance when repetitive braking is ...


Shimano | R160P/D Disc Brake Adaptor 160mm Rotor, 74mm Caliper , Flat-Mount


Shimano R160P/D Disc Brake Adaptor Nearly any rotor size can be installed onto any frame or fork. You just need the right adaptor. This one mounts a 160mm post mount 74mm disc caliper to the rear of flat-mount frame. Features Alloy construction Includes mounting hardware | Shimano | R160P/D Disc Brake Adaptor 160mm Rotor, 74mm Caliper , Flat-Mount


SRAM | G3 Clean Sweep Rotor - No Packaging | Silver | 160mm, 6-Bolt, No Packaging

$13.99 68% off $44.99 msrp

SRAM | G3 Clean Sweep Rotor - No Packaging | Silver | 160mm, 6-Bolt, No Packaging


SRAM | Paceline AXS Road Disc Brake Rotor | Silver/Black | 140mm, CenterLock

$45.99 14% off $54.00 msrp

SRAM PACELINE DISC BRAKE ROTORSETTING THE PACEThe type of brake rotors you use on your road bike plays a role in your braking performance. With an upgrade in rotors, you'll have a quieter operation and better heat dissipation. The SRAM Paceline Disc Brake Rotor is designed for road use and incorporates the elegant design of SRAM's eTap AXS road groupsets. It features a new brake track vent design for smooth, quiet braking performance. FeaturesAvailable in ...


Tektro | Lyra Light Rotor 160mm


Tektro Lyra Light Rotor Replacement rotors for use with Tektro disc brakes. Includes rotor bolts | Tektro | Lyra Light Rotor 160mm