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160 Psi Lightweight Pump


Lezyne | Pocket Dive Pump Light Grey


Lezyne Pocket Drive PumpThe Lezyne Pocket Drive Pump is the ultimate pump to take with you on rides. All components are custom CNC machined aluminum, resulting in a durable and lightweight design. The valve adaptor works on both Presta and Schrader valves and the ABS Flex Hose makes it easier to inflate tires. An anodized, high-polish finish makes this pump stylish and durable and the handle has a lightly knurled texture for a no-slip grip. ...


Giyo|Foundation High Pressure Bike Floor Pump Floor Pump w/ Gauge

$27.00 9% off $29.99 msrp

Foundation High Pressure Bike Floor PumpUnlike other tools, a floor pump is an absolute necessity for day-to-day riding. Therefore, as much use as one will get out of a pump, reaching for a reliable one is a wise venture, and the Foundation High Pressure Bike Floor Pump is just that. An economically constructed pump with a large footprint for stability and long stroke makes for getting up to the 160 max PSI in a flash. ...


Push Industries | ACS3 Rock Shox Pike Coil Conversion Kit 140mm 2018-2019, RC/RCT3, 27.5/29


Push ACS3 Rock Shox Pike Coil ConversionThe benefits of coil and air in oneIf you have ever talked to someone who has a Push product on their bike, you probably haven’t heard about any negative criticisms. The brand has a reputation of producing some of the best suspension products in the world. The Push Coil Conversion kit converts the air spring of your fork into a coil spring with a air bump stop to control ...