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172.5 Mm Crankset


Shimano | 105 Fc-R7000 Crankset | Black | 165Mm, 53/39 Tooth | Aluminum


Shimano 105 FC-R7000 Crankset Shimano has redesigned the 105 series of components to keep it up to date with the ever-evolving industry standards. The 11-speed FC-R7000 utilizes trickle-down technology from Shimano’s top-tier groupsets, taking upon only the best of features to provide you with a budget-friendly yet race-worthy drivetrain you can trust even under the most demanding conditions. The Shimano 105 FC-R7000 Crankset features an optimized lightweight and stiff crank arm that ...


Sram | Red 22 Gxp Crankset 172.5Mm, 50/34, No Bb


SRAM Red 22 GXP Cranksete SRAM is a household name in the cycling work. Just in case you're not up to speed, SRAM is an industry leader in innovation and product development. SRAM 22 is no exception to this. SRAM 22 is an 11 speed road group. SRAM 22 encompasses new SRAM Red and SRAM Force groups with shared and trickle down technology between the top tier and second tier groups. The SRAM 22 GXP ...


Shimano | Grx Fc-Rx810-1 Crankset 170Mm, 40 Tooth | Aluminum


Shimano GRX FC-RX810-1 Crankset HOLLOWTECH II Crankset Designed to conquer rough gravel roads and any combination of dust and mud, the Shimano GRX series will give you comfortable, stress-free performance no matter how rowdy the trail gets. The 11-speed GRX FC-RX810-1crankset provides you with tighter gear steps to maintain rhythm on familiar routes, optimum gearing for mixed terrain, and a simple design that shares the same crankset among both 1x and 2x models. Continuing with ...


Cane Creek | Raven Ti Road Crankset 172.5Mm | Titanium


Cane Creek Raven Ti All-Road Crankset Lighter, Stiffer, Stronger, pick three. Building off of their legendary ee Wings series, the Cane Creek Raven Ti All-Road Crankset brings the performance and durability advantages of titanium to the world of all-road and gravel cranksets. The Raven Ti All-Road is crafted from 3/2. 5 titanium arms for lightweight stiffness, and a 6/4 titanium spindle and hirth joint. This combination creates a crankset that rivals the weight of ultra-lightweight ...


Sram | Rival 1 Axs Wide Crankset 165Mm, 40T, Dub Wide, 12-Speed, D1 | Aluminum


SRAM Rival 1 e Tap AXS Wide Crankset The weekend warrior’s crankset As riders are starting to stuff bigger and bigger tires into their frames the need for cranksets that can accommodate larger tires while still maintaining a normal chainline has increased. SRAM is on the case with their all new Rival 1 e Tap AXS Wide crankset. The lightweight aluminum crank arms keep rotational weight to a minimum while the X-Sync chainrings allow you ...


Rotor | Aldhu 2X Carbon Crankset Aldhu Carbon Road 165Mm 52/36 | Aluminum


Rotor Aldhu 2x Carbon Crankset A true upgrade The Rotor Aldhu 2x Carbon Crankset features the legendary modular design, abundant configuration options, and top-level performance that Rotor is famous for. This carbon crankset is 100g lighter than the already lightweight aluminum Aldhu 3D+ crankset, and tips the scales at a measly 555 grams, with stiffness increased by 11% vertically, and 36% horizontally over the aluminum. The performance of the Aldhu is augmented by 5 crank ...


Rotor | 2Inpower Round Direct Mount Crankset Rotor | 2Inpower 52/36 With Rings 165Mm 52/36T | Aluminum

$659.00 45% off $1,200.00 msrp

Rotor 2INpower Round Direct Mount Crankset More data, more speed. The Rotor 2INpower Crankset blends the lightweight performance and modular design that Rotor is known for, with an ultra-precise, integrated power meter, for precise analytical data without compromising flat-out speed. The crankset features 4 strain gauges in the axle, and two additional sets in the right crank arm, providing even measurement of power from both legs, which is transmitted using 2. 3 Ghz Bluetooth or ...


Rotor | 2Inpower Sl Crankset Rotor | 2Inpower Sl Dual Sided Raod 2X 170Mm 52/36T | Aluminum


Rotor 2INpower SL Crankset More data, less weight Building off of the original 2INpower crankset, the Rotor 2INpower SL shaves weight, while maintaining the performance and modular design that Rotor is known for, with an ultra-precise, integrated dual-sided power meter for accurate power readings. The INpower SL Crankset is the lightest dual-sided power meter on the market, machined from 7075-T6 aluminum using Rotor’s Trinity Drilling system for 15% less weight than the original. Four ...