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Shimano | 105 Fc-R7100 12 Speed Crankset 160 Mm, 50/34 Tooth | Aluminum


Shimano 105 Hollowtech II FC-R7100 12-Speed Crank An Attractive Aluminum Crank Shimano 105 is now available in 12-speed. This means you'll want to get a new crankset so you can shift with ease. The Shimano 105 Hollowtech II FC-R7100 12-Speed Crank is an attractive aluminum crank with hollow arms for lightweight, rigidity, and durability. The newly designed crank arms offer an optimized balance between lightweight and efficiency. The resin ribs on the back of the ...


Shimano | Grx Fc-Rx600-2 Crankset 165Mm, 46/30 Tooth | Aluminum


Shimano GRX FC-RX600-11 Crankset HOLLOWTECH II Crankset Designed to conquer rough gravel roads and any combination of dust and mud, the Shimano GRX series will give you comfortable, stress-free performance no matter how rowdy the trail gets. The 11-speed GRX FC-RX600-11 crankset provides you with an ultra-wide gear range for long tours, optimum gearing for mixed terrain, and a simple design that shares the same crankset among both 1x and 2x models. Continuing with simplicity, ...


Sram | Rival 1 Gxp Crankset | Black | 175Mm, 42 Tooth, Gxp Bb, 110 Bcd | Aluminum

$167.00 9% off $184.00 msrp

SRAM Rival 1 GXP 50 Tooth Crankset 1x for the new era of road The SRAM Rival 1 GXP Crankset is part of the Rival 1 groupset that was born out of the SRAM 1x11 groups from their mountain bike line. These technologies have now transferred to the road, gravel bike and cyclocross world. The forged aluminum spider features X-SYNC technology with their tall square profile that engages the chain earlier and help keep the ...


Sram | Apex 1 Gxp Crankset 42 Tooth, 165Mm | Aluminum

$110.00 5% off $116.00 msrp

SRAM Apex 1 GXP Crankset THE VALUE OF SIMPLICITY The efficiency, and simplicity of the 1x drivetrain has rightfully made its way in to the Road, CX, Gravel Grind, and even Urban scene. SRAM's Apex 1 lets you reap the benefits of the 1x drivetrain at a price point that will be pleasing to the budget conscience. The SRAM Apex 1 crankset brings quiet simplicity thanks to SRAM 1x technology. Featuring SRAM's X-SYNC tooth profile, ...


Shimano | Deore Fc-M5100-1 10/11 Speed Crankset 170Mm, 30 Tooth, 52Mm Chainline | Aluminum


Shimano Deore FC-M5100-1 10/11 Speed Crankset Shimano brings proven technology with expanded applications for value conscious riders, SHIMANO DEORE M5100 and M4100 components deliver the SHIMANO DEORE brand promise of value and versatility. The Shimano Deore FC-M5100-1 10/11 Speed Crankset features a 52mm chain line with a versatile design that works with 10 and 11 speed systems. The Shimano Deore FC-M5100-1 10/11 Speed Crankset can be used with either a 30T or 32T to suit ...


Shimano | Xt Fc-M8100-2 Crankset 175Mm, 36/26 Tooth, Non-Boost Spacing | Aluminum


Shimano XT FC-M8100-2 Crankset The new generation of XTSince their introduction many years ago, Shimano Hollowtech cranks have been the best cranks you can put on a mountain bike. Extremely strong, remarkably lightweight, and stiffer than a straight shot of whiskey. The crankarm construction exemplifies the level of craftsmanship that's put into a Shimano crankset, utilizing a 3D hollow bonded structure to further reduce weight and increase stiffness. Chainrings are easily exchanged with ...


Sram | Gx 1000 Gxp 10-Speed Crankset | Black | 170Mm, 36/22T, No Bb | Aluminum

$130.99 7% off $141.00 msrp

SRAM GX 1000 GXP 10-Speed Crankset The SRAM GX 2x crankset delivers consistent performance every time out. Featuring SRAM's X-GLIDE chainrings, the GX crankset is engineered for 2x shifting performance. Flawless shifting means you'll never again compromise your speed and power in unpredictable off-road terrain. No more missed shifts, ever. X-GLIDE puts you in the right gear, right now. SRAM GX 1000 GXP 10-Speed Crankset 6000 series AL (GX 1000 Crankset) X-GLIDE 2x10 shifting technology ...


Campagnolo | Ekar Crankset | Carbon | 175Mm, 40T, 123Bcd, 1X13Sp, Ultra-Torque

$229.99 36% off $360.00 msrp

Campagnolo EKAR Crankset - Carbon Heart of the Ekar Groupset Campagnolo’s latest and greatest groupset, Ekar, is their first foray into gravel specific drivetrains. Its 1x13-speed configuration offers an incredible range of gears that rivals traditional 2x11-speed setups without the weight penalty or added complexity. A quality crankset is needed to power this industry leading drivetrain. Fortunately, Campagnolo have taken their expertise and created a top of the line crankset that’s worthy ...


Shimano | Grx Fc-Rx820 2X Crankset 170Mm, 48-31T | Aluminum


Shimano GRX FC-RX820 2x Crankset Optimized Efficiency The crank is what allows riders to send pedaling power to the rear wheel. With an upgraded crank, you'll have more of your power transferred to the rear wheel. The Shimano GRX FC-RX820 2x Crankset balances weight savings, optimized efficiency, and an array of gearing options that cater to the segmented demands of mixed-terrain riding. The double chainring gearing caters to the segmented demands of gravel cycling, maintaining ...


Fsa | Full Speed Ahead Energy Modular 2X Crankset 170Mm, 34/50T


FSA Energy Modular Road 2x Crankset All The Energy When most riders think about their drivetrains, they think about their derailleurs and shifters. One of the most important components of a drivetrain is the crankset. With an awesome crankset, you'll be able to pedal faster and harder. The FSA Energy Modular Road 2x Crankset has cold-forged alloy arms and a forged BB386EVO spindle. It is built for 2x setups and comes with cold-forged 7075 aluminum ...


Shimano | Grx Fc-Rx820 1X Crankset 170Mm, 40T | Aluminum


Shimano GRX FC-RX820 1x Crankset Optimized Efficiency The crank is what allows riders to send pedaling power to the rear wheel. With an upgraded crank, you'll have more of your power transferred to the rear wheel. The Shimano GRX FC-RX820 1x Crankset balances weight savings, optimized efficiency, and an array of gearing options that cater to the segmented demands of mixed-terrain riding. By pairing a 10-45T or 10-51T cassette with 40T and 42T chainrings, you ...


Sram | S390 11 Speed Crankset 24Mm, 46/34, 172.5Mm

$47.94 40% off $79.99 msrp

SRAM S-390 11-Speed Crankset Shifting with Yaw Compatibility The crankset on your bike allows you to translate your pedaling power to the rear wheel so you can propel forward. With a nicer crankset, you'll have less power loss and more acceleration. The SRAM S-390 11-Speed Crankset is designed with an integrated 4-arm, asymmetric spider to maximize stiffness to weight. It also allows greater frame and tire clearance than other road cranks. With Yaw compatibility, you'll ...


Shimano | Altus Fc-M311 Crankset W/guard | Black | 175Mm, 22X32X42T | Aluminum

$29.99 18% off $36.99 msrp

Shimano Altus M311 Crankset w/ Guard The Shimano Altus line is Shimano's budget friendly mountain groupset, bringing time-tested Shimano quality to the entry-level cyclist. The Altus M311 Crankset is an excellent replacement crank for entry-level bikes and includes a built in chainguard to keep pants and shoelaces out of the drivetrain and grease and grime off of your clothing. Specifications Bottom Bracket Not Included Arm Length: 170mm, 175mm Spindle Interface Type: Square Taper JIS ...


Shimano | Deore Fc-M4100-B2 10 Speed Crankset 170Mm, 36/26 Tooth, 51.8Mm Chainline, Boost | Aluminum


SHIMANO DEORE FC-M4100-B2 10-SPEED CRANKSETCRANKING IT OUTThe crankset you have on your bike will affect your performance. With a stiffer crankset, you'll have higher power output. The Shimano Deore FC-M4100-B2 10-Speed Crankset is designed for 2x10 drivetrains. It comes with 22/36T chainrings that provides excellent climbing range and mid-range speed for trail riding. This version of the FC-M4100 is designed for Boost hub spacing and has a 52mm chainline. Features Designed for Boost hub ...


Shimano | Ultegra Fc-R8100 12Spd Crankset 170Mm, 50-34T | Aluminum


Shimano Ultegra FC-R8100 12spd Chainwheel Shimano’s all new Ultegra FC-R8100 crankset has been engineered and designed to strike the perfect performance to price balance. The R8100 shares the same modern and sleek design language of it’s big brother the Dura-Ace R9200 crankset. Its Hollowglide construction sheds unnecessary weight without affecting stiffness, resulting in maximum power transfer and peak efficiency. Just like the previous 11-speed generation, the new R8100 crankset utilizes ...


Cane Creek | Eewings Ti Crankset Brushed | Titanium | 170Mm


CANE CREEK EEWINGS TI CRANKSETTitanium is a wonderful material that is often used in making high-end frames that ride as smooth as butter, but Cane Creek has made a crankset out of Titanium that is lightweight, durable, and stiff. The ee Wings crankset is here to take flight. These cranks are designed to be tough to meet the demands of aggressive trail and enduro bikes. The ee Wings include a CNC aluminum bottom bracket preloader ...


Shimano | Dura-Ace Fc-R9200 Crankset 170Mm, 12-Speed, 52/36T, Hollowtech Ii Spindle Interface, Black | Aluminum


Shimano Dura-Ace FC-R9200 Crankset The heart of the bike Shimano’s top tier crankset has seen a complete makeover with the jump to 12-speed. The latest Dura-Ace R9200 crankset has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate blend of stiffness, strength, weight, and rotational performance. The unique Hollowglide chainring structure chops off weight while simultaneously improving the crank strength for improved power transfer and more precise shifting. Hollowtech II technology has ...