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Michelin | Force XC Competition 29" Tire 2.25", Tubeless Ready

$49.99 23% off $64.99 msrp

Michelin Force XC 29" Tire Designed from the ground up with the help from the 2016 UCI World Cup Champions, team BH, the Michelin Force XC tire is the most agile of Michelin's XC lineup. The Force XC will provide you with improved grip, performance, and puncture resistance thanks to its mix of three rubbers. The Force is designed to work best in mixed to soft terrain with lower profile, ramped center knobs to help ...


Vittoria | Air-Liner MTB Tire Insert Medium, 2.25" - 2.50"

$67.50 25% off $90.00 msrp

VITORIA AIR-LINER TIRE INSERTThe Air-Liner is a high-quality polymer insert, which replaces a portion of the air volume in the tire. This trait, combined with the shape, provides a tunable system that enhances your ride performances. The Air-Liner destroys the traditional compromise of stability vs. grip, and allows your tires to remain stable, grippy, and controlled, even at low pressures. The Air-Liner is designed using a round cross section, with channels on the top and ...


WTB | Ranger 29" TCS Light/High Grip Tire | Black | 2.25", TCS Light/High Grip

$65.95 9% off $72.95 msrp

WTB Ranger 29" x 2. 25" Light Highgrip Tire Own The Trail Looking for an awesome utility tire? Well feel free to end your search, cause you just found the Ranger. Tightly spaced center knobs set the pace while open outer lugs devour corners and shed muck with ease, making the Ranger equal parts trail destroyer and XC competitor. Completing the package, the Ranger offers multi-directional siping that assures you'll grab hold whether tackling technical ...


WTB | Riddler 29" Light/Fast Rolling Tire | Black | 2.25", Light/Fast Rolling

$65.95 9% off $72.95 msrp

WTB Riddler 29" Tire Riddle Solved Not named after the Batman villain, but after WTB Athlete Nathan Riddle, the Riddler dares you to let loose and fly, yet it grabs comfortably and confidently in the corners, remaining poised and collected, just like Nathan Riddle's riding style. With large, toothy side knobs and a tightly packed 60 durometer, low center tread, the Riddler is a stud of a tire beyond the gravity enthused, as multiple widths ...


WTB | Trail Boss Tcs Tough FR 29" Tire | Black | 29" X 2.25"

$75.95 9% off $83.95 msrp

WTB Trail Boss TCS Tough FR 29" Tire As its name suggests, the Trail Boss was designed to have you reign authority over the trail. The WTB Trail Boss features a snug enough tread spacing for high speed, drag-free assaults, yet its knobs are blocky and elevated enough to really gnash when it comes time to hit the brakes and corner with grace. A rounded profile and staggered, supported side knobs keep clawing for traction ...


45NRTH | Kahva 29" Studded Tire | Tan | 29"x2.25", Folding, 60TPI, 252 Concave Studs


45NRTHKahva 29" Studded TireWinter doesn't have to bring your bike vibes to an all-time low, 45 North offers cold weather solutions for adventuresome cyclists everywhere. Designed for riding in loose snow, the 45 North Kahva brings traction technology to an entirely new level. From light winter trail riding to commuting, the Kahva allows you to carve your way through winter with steel carbide studs as well as single, double and triple siped lugs. 45 North ...


Onza | Canis XC/AM 29" Tire 29X2.25", 120TPI, FRC120, RC2, TLR


Onza Canis 29” TireThe Onza Canis tire combines low rolling resistance with a ton of traction for a variety of terrains and applications. The unique combination of center knobs allow the tire to get rolling quickly while still offering plenty of grip on steep and loose descents. It will have you charging out of the den chasing rabbits in seconds flat. Constructed with various compounds, this Onza Canis tire is sure to feature a combination ...


Onza | Svelt XC/AM 29" Tire 29x2.25", 120TPI, C3120, RC2, TLR


ONZA SVELT XC/AM 29" TIREEFFICIENCY, GRIP, AND SPEEDThe type of tires you use on your bike have a significant impact on your performance and ride quality. With the right tires, you'll be able to ride faster and more efficiently. The Onza Svelt XC/AM 29" Tire has a flat, low-profile, block tread that rolls efficiently on dry surfaces and has a pronounced shoulder profile that features extreme grip in loose, wet terrain. The Svelt is tubeless-ready ...


Onza | Lynx XC/AM 29" Tire 29x2.25", 60TPI, TLR


ONZA LYNX XC/AM 29" TIRETHE PERFECT ALLROUNDERThe type of tires you use on your mountain bike play a significant role in your performance and ride quality. The type of terrain you like to ride on will determine the type of tire you should use. The Onza Lynx XC/AM 29" Tire is designed to roll smoothly and efficiently over terrain while also providing exceptional grip when the terrain gets a little loose. The tire features a ...


Michelin | Jet XCR Competition 29" Tire | Black | 29X2.25", Tubeless


MICHELIN JET XCR 29" TIREMICHELIN'S FASTEST TIREMichelin's fastest tire is here and ready to roll. With it's mix of two rubbers, it provides greater performance and propulsion. The Race Shield technology increases the strength and durability. This is perfect tire for the cross-country mountain racer or anyone who likes riding fast on hard or dry terrain. FeaturesRace Shield for improved strength and performanceSuper light construction with 150 TPI carcassTubeless readySPECIFICATIONSSize2. ...