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Maxxis | Ardent 27.5" Tire 1 27.5"x2.25", DC/EXO/TR/DTW


Maxxis Ardent 27. 5" TireThe Maxxis Ardent 27. 5” Tire has an aggressive tread in a high-volume casing that provides exceptional traction without compromising a low rolling resistance. Racers unforgotten, the Ardent features large block-style side knobs with numerous edges for high-speed cornering. The Ardent features a central tread that's optimized to enhance both braking and acceleration, while the ramped knobs smoothen things out minimize rolling resistance. Further enhancing traction ...


45NRTH | Kahva 29" Studded Tire | Black | 29"x2.25", Folding, 60TPI, #252 Studs


45NRTHKahva 29" Studded TireWinter doesn't have to bring your bike vibes to an all-time low, 45 North offers cold weather solutions for adventuresome cyclists everywhere. Designed for riding in loose snow, the 45 North Kahva brings traction technology to an entirely new level. From light winter trail riding to commuting, the Kahva allows you to carve your way through winter with steel carbide studs as well as single, double and triple siped lugs. 45 North ...


WTB | Trail Boss 29" Tire | Black | 29"x2.4", TCS Tough FR, 60TPI, TriTec, E25

$71.96 20% off $89.95 msrp

WTB Trail Boss 29" TireA versatile tire that is confident in a variety of terrains. The WTB Trail Boss 29" Tire has an aggressive tread pattern, with medium-height knobs, siping on all tread, and a mud shedding design, the Trail Boss is an trail and all-mountain machine. The WTB Trail Boss 29" Tire was designed with closely-spaced and staggard cornering knobs that bite into corners and a spaced out and balanced center tread maintains the ...


Onza | Lynx XC/AM 29" Tire 29x2.25", 60TPI, TLR

$55.94 19% off $69.90 msrp

ONZA LYNX XC/AM 29" TIRETHE PERFECT ALLROUNDERThe type of tires you use on your mountain bike play a significant role in your performance and ride quality. The type of terrain you like to ride on will determine the type of tire you should use. The Onza Lynx XC/AM 29" Tire is designed to roll smoothly and efficiently over terrain while also providing exceptional grip when the terrain gets a little loose. The tire features a ...