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200 Lumens Compact Light


Niterider | Mako 200 Light 200 Lumens

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Niterider Mako 200 light Compact and built to shed up to 200 lumens of brilliant light, the Niterider Mako 200 is an economical choice for commuters and urban cycling enthusiasts. The Mako line not only lets you be seen by automobile traffic, but also lights the path so the rider can see as well. The shark gills emit light so you can be seen from the left and right sides. Three light levels let you ...


Ravemen | Ls30 Light Set 1600/300 Lumens


Ravemen LS30 Light Set Innovative design, powerful lighting The Ravemen LS30 Light Set includes the Ravemen PR1600 Headlight and TR300 Taillight, for the high-powered lighting you need for any ride. The PR1600 features high-lumen output, a compact form, and innovative design, while the TR300 features a ultra-bright daylight-visible LEDs, with a whopping 300 lumen output. Both the PR1600 and TR300 feature rechargeable batteries, with the TR1600 Headlight features an OLED display, showing ...


Light And Motion | Vis Adventure Headlight 800 Lumens


Light & Motion VIS Adventure Headlight The Light & Motion VIS Adventure Headlight features a powerfully focused beam and compact size make for a versatile light that can be used for any outdoor sport. It is perfectly designed to run on your helmet, bars, or anywhere you can fit a Go Pro mount. Designed to maximize output in a compact design, the Vis Trail features an optimized reflector to make the beam broader and smoother ...


Light And Motion | Vis E-800 Headlight 800 Lumens


Light & Motion VIS E-800 Headlight The Light & Motion VIS E-800 Headlight is the next evolution in e-bike safety, setting the benchmark for an integrated lighting solution, high-powered output is backed by industry-leading compact design. The Vis E headlight illuminates with a 800 lumen even spot beam with versatile low-profile mounting options and also features an optimized reflector and amber side lighting for 180 degrees of protective visibility. Designed to integrate into popular 6-18V ...


Light And Motion | Vya Smart Headlight 150 Lumens


Light & Motion Vya Smart Headlight The Light & Motion Vya Smart Headlight gives commuters innovative day/night visibility in a platform that be installed/removed from the bike in seconds. The smart headlight senses ambient light so it knows to pulse in the daytime but remain steady at night - automatically adjusting to the safest riding mode possible. A scientifically designed Safe Pulse beam pattern for daytime riding allows for motorists to notice you at a ...