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Maxxis Minion Dhf Exo 26" Folding Tire 26x2.8,Tubeless, Dual Compound, EXO


Maxxis Minion DHF +26” TireOne of the most trusted front tires in mountain biking is now available in a plus-sized 26” tire. The Minion DHF was designed for aggressive all-mountain riding with its ramped knobs for a low rolling resistance and large channeled side knobs for superior traction and cornering. This version of the Minion DHF features EXO protection, a flexible woven fabric sidewall insert that offers cuts and abrasion protection. The 3C MaxxTerra compound ...


Maxxis Minion DHF 26" Tire 2.3, Dc Exo TR

$51.20 20% off $64.00 msrp

Maxxis Minion DHF 26" TireOne of the most reliable and versatile tires Maxxis offers, the Minion DHF is a trusted all-mountain tire in the mountain biking community. The DHF features ramped center knobs for a lower rolling resistance and large side knobs to provide excellent cornering traction, making for a well-balanced trail tire. The 3C MaxxTerra compound offers the ultimate balance between grip, low rolling resistance and slow rebound properties through the combination of soft ...


Panaracer Smoke 26" Tire Tan Sidewall, 2.1


PANARACER SMOKE 26" TIREA good tire will never steer you wrong. The Panaracer Smoke 26" Tire is designed to be an excellent rear tire. It features Panaracers 3D knobs that are perfect for climbing and traction when you're braking. With a folding bead and 60 TPI, this will be your go-to tire to smoke the competition.Features3D Knobs for climbing and braking gripFolding bead for easy installationSPECIFICATIONSSize26"ConditionsHardpack, Loose over ...


Maxxis Ardent Race 3C Exo 26" Tire 2.20" 3C/Exo/TR Folding 120Tpi

$68.00 17% off $82.00 msrp

Maxxis Ardent Race 3C Exo 26" Tire The Maxxis Ardent Race uses a medium-height tread, making it a cross bred race tire that unearths the middle ground between the cross-country inspired Maxxis Ikon tire and the trail-ready Maxxis Ardent. The middle knobs are ramped to reduce rolling resistance, while the side knobs are angled and stepped to offer confidence-inspiring grab and traction in the corners. Additionally, the Ardent Race features the 3C Maxx Speed compound ...


Panaracer Gravelking SK 26" Tire Black/Brown, 2.1", Tubeless Ready


PANARACER GRAVELKING SK 26" TIREALL HAIL THE KINGGravel riding has become one of the most popular forms of cycling. With a gravel bike, you can keep riding when the pavement ends and the dirt begins. The Panaracer GravelKing SK 26" Tire is for the cyclist who is looking to expand their cycling horizons. The GravelKing has a natural rubber compound, has a puncture protection breaker, and a special low rolling resistance casing. With the tread ...


Surly Extraterrestrial 26" Tubeless Tire Black, 60tpi, 26 x 2.5, Tubeless, Folding


Surly ExtraTerrestrial 26” Tubeless TireJust like how you wouldn’t underestimate a space alien’s powers and intelligence just because he is small and green, the same holds true for the Surly ExtraTerrestrial Tire; There is a lot more than what meets the eye. The Surly ExtraTerrestrial 26” Tubeless Tire features low rolling resistance, tread and sidewall flat protection and great traction on hardpacked trails. The large and flat directional tread pattern allows for ...


Maxxis Shorty Wt 3C/Exo/TR 26" Tire 26X2.5, 3C/Exo/TR/Wt, F60

$68.00 12% off $78.00 msrp

Maxxis Shorty 3C/Exo/TR WT 26" Tire Mid-spike trail tire for demanding conditions The Maxxis Shorty is designed to offer excellent traction in less than ideal conditions. Blown out corners, loose, and muddy terrain is where the Maxxis Shorty will excel. Varying tread heights and staggered side knobs are able to get through loose top soils in order to get closer to the good stuff and provide predictable traction and stability. Features Mid-spike tread pattern that ...


Panaracer Fire Pro Tire Black/Red, 26X2.1"


Panaracer Fire Pro Tubeless Compatible On the one hand, the Panaracer Fire Pro tire is a bit old school, what with its massive tread design and near T-Rex ground chomping ability. But as a modern-leaning tubeless compatible tire now, there's not a whole lot not to like here. It's got dual compound material in the knobs to help with both straight line and cornering traction, something they call a PR Casing Wall that turns away ...


Schwalbe Magic Mary 26" Addix Tire 2.35, Addix Soft, Snakeskin, Tl Easy

$90.16 8% off $98.00 msrp

Schwalbe Magic Mary 26" Addix Tire Even in its prototype stage, the Magic Mary collected World Cup and World Championship wins. The Magic Mary features an extremely stable sidewall and is snake-bite resistant. At the same time, the flexible tread offers excellent handling characteristics, making it a rock-solid choice for the versatile downhill trail rider. You might not be lining up to compete in the World Cup, but the same kind of pro-level performance is ...


45NRTH Dillinger 26" Fatbike Tire 26"x4.6", 60TPI, 258 Carbide Studs


45NRTH DILLINGER 26" FATBIKE TIREYOU'LL ALL FLOAT DOWN HERERiding in the snow can be difficult. If you have the right gear, it can become much less of a challenge. The 45NRTH Dillinger 26" Fatbike Tire provides maximum float and has carefully-positioned studs that allow you to ride safely on icy singletrack, while the taller side lugs offer enhanced cornering in snowy conditions. The center tread is tightly spaced for better speed.FeaturesBraced side lugs for improved ...


45NRTH Vanhelga 26" Fatbike Tire 26"x4.2", 60TPI, Tan Wall


45NRTH Vanhelga 26" Fatbike TireWinter doesn't have to bring your bike vibes to an all-time low, 45 North offers cold weather solutions for adventuresome cyclists everywhere. Designed for trail riding in loose snow, the 45 North Vanhelga brings traction technology to an entirely new level. Dual compound rubber lengthens tread life in the center of the tire while enhancing cornering control on the sides. Triple-siped shoulder knobs boost traction on ice. 45 North'stubeless ready design ...


45NRTH Wrathchild 26" Fatbike Tire 26"x4.2", 120TPI, 300 XL Studs


45NRTH WRATHCHILD 26" FATBIKE TIREAN AGGRESSIVE STUDDED FATBIKE TIREFat bikes crave loose snow and sand, but even the nastiest conditions can give a fatbike difficulty. The 45NRTh Wrathchild 26" Fatbike Tire is designed for loose snow to icy freeze-thaw and everything in between. It features deep lugs that provide acceleration, braking, and cornering traction and an open tread pattern that sheds snow off the tire. 224 XL concave studs provide extra grip and performance over ...


Schwalbe Hans Dampf 26" Addix Tire 2.35, Addix Soft, Snakeskin, Tl Easy

$75.00 8% off $82.00 msrp

Schwalbe Hans Dampf 26" Addix TireAs a jack-of-all-trades, the Hans Dampf is fine tuned to provide control and comfort. The grippy TrailStar compound option provides traction and control when cornering, making it an ideal front tire option, while the PaceStar option offers a lower rolling resistance for more speed, making it perfect for the rear wheel. Both tire options employ the light and robust SnakeSkin sidewall that's resistant to tearing, easy to fit and tubeless ...


45NRTH Dillinger 5 26" Fatbike Tire 4.8", No Studs, 120Tpi, Non-Tubeless


45NRTH Dillinger 5" Fatbike TireWinter doesn't have to bring your bike vibes to an all-time low, 45 North offers cold weather solutions for adventuresome cyclists everywhere. The Dillinger 5" Fatbike Tire allows you to take advantage of the bulk of fat bike tires without so much of the weight penalty. The larger cousin of the original studded fatbike tire. 258 lightweight studs with concave carbide tips and aluminum bases allow you to rail icy, off-camber ...


Maxxis Minion Fbr 26" Tire 26X4.0, F60, Dc

$99.00 13% off $115.00 msrp

MAXXIS MINION FBR 26" TIREFat tire bikes have opened up a new world of mountain biking. Riders can now ride in locations that have snow, sand, and everything in between. The Maxxis Minion FBR 26" Tire is a rear specific tire for trail riding that was inspired by the Minion DHR II. It has a rear-specific tread design that features proven side knobs for cornering traction and ramped knobs down the middle that minimize rolling ...


Schwalbe Nobby Nic 26" Addix Tire 2.1, Addix Speedgrip, Snakeskin, Tl Easy

$84.64 8% off $92.00 msrp

Schwalbe Nobby Nic 26" Addix Tire The Schwalbe Nobby Nic is the ideal all-purpose tire and has been a long-time favorite among trail riders with a need for speed. Perfect for aggressive XC courses but also right at home on an Enduro course, the Schwalbe Nobby Nic features a widely-spaced tall knob pattern to provide plenty of grip while maintaining relatively low rolling resistance. Built around the lightweight and flexible Racing Ralph casing, the Schwalbe ...


45NRTH Dunderbeist Fatbike Tire Black, 26X4.6",120Tpi, Tubeless, Folding


45North Dunderbeist Fatbike Tire Like a cat running for the door when its open, we encourage you and your fatbike to escape to the local groomed single track to feel the thunder and bite that is - Dunderbeist. The 45 North Dunderbeist Fatbike tire plants a 4.6" paw print into the snow, providing enhanced traction and flotation while the aggressive tread delivers unparalleled acceleration and braking traction. Pair Dunderbeist with its sibling front tire, Flowbeist, ...


45NRTH Gravdal 26X2.0" Tire 2.0", 33Tpi Wire, Steel-Carbide Studs


45NRTH GRAVDAL 26X2.0" TIREA STUDDED COMMUTER TIRESnow might stop most riders from commuting to work on a bike but it won't stop all. There are ways to still ride to work when there is powder on the streets and that's with studded tires. The 45NRTH Gravdal 26 x 2.0" Tire has 216 studs that are carefully positioned around the casing that yields a level of confidence and safety. It features siped tread lugs and oval-shaped ...


Surly Knard Folding Tire 26X4.8", 60 Tpi, Folding Bead


Surly Knard Tire The Surly Knard's block tread pattern has been carefully researched, designed and tested. While it looks like a simple block pattern, the profile is shaped just slightly edgy to maximize traction on corners while keeping rolling resistance low on straightaways. The closely spaced blocks are designed to grab terrain, and the pattern works especially well when climbing, making it a great all-around tire. Please note that your frame must have adequate clearance ...