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Ks | E20I 27.2 Dropper Seatpost | Black | 27.2Mm, 100Mm Travel, 390Mm Length | Aluminum

$143.10 10% off $159.00 msrp

KS E20I 27. 2 DROPPER SEATPOST 2020UNPRECEDENTED VALUEDropper posts have become the norm in the mountain bike and gravel world. Many bikes now come stock with a dropper post so you can quickly lift and lower your saddle without fiddling with your seat clamp. The KS E20i 27. 2 Dropper Seatpost has fit and function that rival top-end contenders and is friendly to the wallet. It is designed for internal cable routing and is available ...


Tranzx | Kitsuma 27.2 External Seatpost 27.2Mm, 90Mm, External Routing | Aluminum


Tranz X Kitsuma 27. 2 External Seatpost The Tranz X Kitsuma 27. 2 External Seatpostis Trans X's most popular, reliable seat post for all-day trail rides all season long. It’s available in both external and internal cable routing and three diameters to fit most modern trail bikes, along with not so modern ones. The Tranz X Kitsuma 27. 2 External Seatpost is as worry-free and low maintenance as possible so you can spend more time ...


Ergon | Cf Allroad Pro | Carbon | Leafspring Seatpost 27.2Mm, 0Mm Offset


Ergon CF Allroad Pro Seatpost Absorbs Road Impacts If you're looking to lighten up your bike and reduce vibrations for a smoother ride, you might want to get a carbon fiber seatpost. The Ergon CF Allroad Pro Seatpost uniquely combines properties that were previously considered incompatible: Sensitive absorbing response, low weight, maintenance-free and sleek appearance. It absorbs road impacts and works with noticeably more efficiency than conventional spring suspension seatposts. Features ...


Zipp | Service Course Seatpost 27.2Mm, 350Mm, 0Mm Setback, Silver | Aluminum

$49.99 12% off $57.00 msrp

Zipp Service Course Seatpost Zipp is hardly a company that needs an introduction. Known for being tested amongst the toughest and fastest in the peloton, Zipp's legacy stands tall. Zipp is committed to helping riders achieve their potential by offer high-quality components with innovative design and manufacturing. Zipp managed to shave off a few grams by revamping their Service Course Seatpost. Though it is lighter, the seatpost is stronger and offers a precise fit that ...


Whisky Parts Co. | No.7 | Carbon | Seatpost 27.2Mm, 400Mm, 18Mm Offset


Whiskey No. 7 Carbon Seatpost Whiskey No. 7 made this sleek carbon seatpost to offer riders a strong, light, and simple choice for keeping their saddles in place. The two-bolt clamp gives you endless options for setting the angle of your saddle, and they allow you to perfectly distribute the tension. This keeps your rails from bending and your clamp from wearing out. These posts offer varying sizes and offsets, so there’s definitely one for ...


Thomson | Masterpiece Seatpost | Black | 27.2Mm, 240Mm | Aluminum


Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost You are probably already familiar with the legendary Thomson Elite seatpost. Now they've improved it with the new Masterpiece model, which weighs in at more than 40 grams less, while maintaining the strength and durability you would expect from Thomson. Features Inner machined oval saves weight Tube and head machined from 7000-series aluminum Head is 1-piece (not bonded or pressed) for superior strength41mm of seat rail grip length, helps prevent seat rail ...


Ks | Eten Lever Dropper Seatpost | Black | 30.9Mm, 75Mm Travel, 325Mm Length | Aluminum

$94.50 10% off $105.00 msrp

KS ETEN LEVER DROPPER SEATPOST 2020GETS THE JOB DONEDropper posts have revolutionized the way mountain bikers ride their bikes. They have become the norm in the biking world and many riders are upgrading. The KS ETEN Lever Dropper Seatpost is designed for those needing a basic dropper post that gets the job done without worry or hassle. It is made from a robust alloy and has a steel stanchion with a factory-sealed air spring hydraulic ...


Zipp | Service Course Sl Carbon Seatpost | Black | 27.2Mm, 0Mm Back, 400Mm, C2


ZIPP SERVICE COURSE SL SEATPOST, C1Zipp's redesigned Service Course SL seatpost is specifically tuned to be more shock absorbing than “comfort” seatposts on the market. The seatpost still passes Zipp's strict internal MTB strength test, but provides compliance that is paralleled by none. Flex engineered into the lightweight carbon tube keeps the rider comfortable over any and all terrain. Features Round and square rail compatible Unidirectional Carbon post with 6061 Aluminum clamp0mm and ...


Salsa | Regulator Ti Seatpost 27.2Mm, 25Mm Offset | Titanium


Salsa Regulator Ti Seatpost There once was a time when bicycle components were all made of metals and alloys €” and carbon fiber was only used to build airplanes and Formula One cars. Steel has been a veteran and longtime benchmark to which comfort and strength is held, but also happens to be the heaviest of material to be used in the bike world. While you can hydroform and double-butte tubing to compensate for weight ...


Enve | 25Mm Offset Seatpost 27.2Mm, 300Mm


ENVE 25mm Offset Seatpost The Last Seatpost You'll Need ENVE's constructed the 25mm Seatpost with a one-piece molded design for a streamlined look. The engineers at ENVE strategically wrapped carbon to achieve an ideal strength-to-weight ratio and more stiffness. Installed with one bolt, the seatpost offers a wide range of angles and fore/aft adjustment. The Seatpost weighs in at 190 grams and is coated with a Uni finish to guarantee a stealthy addition to your ...


Easton | Ea70 Seatpost 27.2Mm, 0Mm Setback | Aluminum


Easton EA70 Seatpost Derived from Easton’s top-end aluminum seatpost, the EA70 is a durable product with high-end features presented at a lower price point than their flagship alloy post. Constructed of EA70 Taper Wall aluminum for boosted durability, this seatpost is ready to support you for many hours in the saddle. With a stealthy black anodized finish and minimal logo placement, The EA70 will look good no matter which bike you throw it on. Take ...


Ks | Lev Ci Dropper Seatpost | Black | 27.2Mm, 65Mm Travel, 340Mm Length | Aluminum


KS LEV CI DROPPER SEATPOST 2020PERFECT DROPDropper posts are a necessity if you plan on riding aggressively on the trails. With a dropper post, you can quickly change your center of gravity by lifting and lowering your saddle. This is beneficial for descending and being able to climb efficiently. The KS LEV Ci Dropper Seatpost has a full unidirectional carbon mast that routes a Recourse II Ultralight Cable System directly through your frame. The Ci's ...


Easton | Ea90 Seatpost 27.2Mm, 20Mm Setback | Aluminum


Easton EA90 Seatpost Easton’s flagship aluminum seatpost, the EA90, is a durable product with high end features. Constructed of EA90 Taper Wall aluminum for boosted durability, this seatpost is ready to support you for many hours in the saddle. With a stealthly black finish and minimal logo placement, The EA90 will look good no matter which bike you throw it on. Take to the road with confidence knowing you have a quality Easton product supporting ...


Easton | Ec70 | Carbon | Seatpost 27.2Mm, 0Mm Setback


Easton EC70 Carbon Seatpost Comprised of a carbon fiber quill bonded to an aluminum head, the EC70 seatpost delivers an impressive strength to weight ratio, without breaking the bank. Utilizing Easton’s Relief-Area Design (R. A. D. ) and Taper Wall technology, this seatpost is ready to support you for many hours in the saddle. The matte black carbon post with stealthy graphics will look good no matter which bike you throw it on. Take to ...


Deity | Pyston Seatpost 27.2Mm


Deity Pyston Seatpost Patented Pivotal Technology Pivotal seatposts make it easy to dial in your seat angle. The Deity Pyston Seatpost is made from forged one-piece 6061 T6 aluminum and is compatible with all pivotal saddles. It has a 27. 2mm diameter for DJ MTB frames and a 200mm length. Features Compatible with all pivotal saddles27. 2mm diameter for DJ MTB frames Two tone bead blast polished anodized finish SPECIFICATIONSDiameter27. 2mm Length200mm Offset0mm Material6061 T6 ...


Zipp | Sl Speed Carbon Seatpost | Matte Black | 0Mm Offset, 27.2Mm, 400Mm Length, B2


ZIPP SL SPEED CARBON SEATPOSTBRINGING THE SPEEDZipp's SL Speed Carbon Seatpost is favored by cross and road racers alike. With a wide range of adjustments and super light construction, the SL Speed is a dependable and functional post. Using SRAM's Exogram technology, Zipp designed a tube that's as light as possible without sacrificing integrity. With multiple lengths, offsets, and diameters available the SL Speed can satisfy any rider, regardless of preference. Features Weight: 170g (0mm ...


Enve | Dropper Seatpost G Series 27.2Mm, 40Mm | Aluminum


ENVE DROPPER SEATPOST G SERIESA game changer Drop that saddle and send it! It’s time to get rowdy with Enve’s new lightweight G-Series dropper post. Its 40mm of travel is ideal for getting the saddle out of the way, giving you the confidence to bomb sketchy singletrack, loose gravel, and anything in between. It’s mechanically actuated, allowing you to use the vast majority of cable-actuated levers, including Shimano GRX and SRAM Hydro-actuated dropper levers for ...


Cane Creek | Eesilk Alloy Seatpost 27.2Mm


Cane Creek ee Silk Seatpost Extend your ride Smooth out the road and trails with the Cane Creek ee Silk Seatpost. Designed to reduce numbness and rider fatigue caused by long rides on uneven ground, the Cane Creek ee Silk Seatpost uses an elastomer insert and a four-link design to allow the saddle to move through 20mm of travel. The elastomer acts as a cushion between the saddle and the seatpost, allowing the saddle to ...