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Specialized | Standard Presta Valve 29" Tube 29" X 1.75-2.4"

$6.00 33% off $9.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED STANDARD PRESTA VALVE 29" TUBESPARE TUBESWhether you're cruising the trails, doing an epic century ride, or riding to work, you should always have inner tubes with you. Nothing ends a ride quicker than getting a flat and not having a spare tube with you. The Specialized Standard Presta Valve Tube is the one thing we all need to go riding. It is lightweight, consistent in quality, and has a 0. 8mm wall thickness for ...


Pirelli | Scorpion Smartube 29" Tube 29"x1.8-2.2", 42Mm Valve | Rubber

$20.42 41% off $34.90 msrp

Pirelli Scorpion Smar Tube 29” Tube Finally, a smarter inner tube! The Pirelli Scorpion™ Smar Tube 29” Tube proves that the inner tube isn’t dead, with Pirelli’s talented engineers investing time in creating a smaller, lighter inner tube. The Scorpion™ Smar Tube is the perfect tube to use as a spare tube, as it takes up 50% less space than the equivalent butyl rubber inner tube, and weighs less than 100 grams (size-dependent). This pro-level ...


Teravail | Super Light 29" Tube 29, 1.9-2.3, 48

$11.63 24% off $15.50 msrp

Teravail Super Light 29" Tube Lightweight For MTBSometimes tubeless isn't always the best choice. For those times when you don't want to ditch the tubes, but you still want something lightweight, there is the Teravail Super Light 29" Tube. It is designed for high-performance riding and has a removable valve and a 0. 76mm wall thickness. At only 176g, you'll hardly even notice these tubes in your tires. Removable valve core in case you want ...


Fox Racing Shox | 40 Factory Stanchion Tube 29", Kashima, 208-05-186


Fox 40 Factory Stanchion Tube Downhill forks take a beating. When riding rough, rocky, and steep trails, it's common for debris to fly up and ding your stanchions. If one of your stanchions on your fork looks a little beat up, its a good idea to replace it. Dings and scratches in the stanchion can allow dirt and dust to enter your fork lowers past the wiper seals. To keep your fork running optimal, you ...


Specialized | Turbo Presta Valve Tube With Talc - 29" 29" X 1.75-2.4"

$7.00 36% off $11.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED TURBO PRESTA VALVE TUBE WITH TALC - 29"ACTIVATING TURBO MODEWhen you lighten up your rotational weight, you'll be able to accelerate faster. The least expensive way to lighten up your wheels is to add lightweight inner tubes. The Specialized Turbo Presta Valve Tube with Talc have a patented, oversized 4. 8cm valve base that prevents tearing, while a partially threaded valve stem provides a clean interface with pumps. The tubes will help reduce rolling ...


Continental | 29" Presta Valve Tube 29" X 1.75 - 2.5, 60Mm Presta Valve 225G


Continental 29" Presta Valve Tube With great puncture resistance and low weight, this 29" tube calls for epic riding. At 225 grams a piece, you can be confident pedaling out on the terrain. Features All tubes are seamless and mold-cured (vulcanized) to ensure uniform roundness and improved reliability at the valve stem. All tubes are seamless and mold-cured (vulcanized) to ensure uniform roundness and improved reliability at the valve stem. Each and every tube passes ...