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Race Face | Chester Seatpost | Black | 30.9mm X 325mm | Aluminum


Race Face created the Race Face Chester seatpost for those that like to hit big airs and punish their bikes on the hardest trails and not have to worry about punishing their gear. What is important to this rider is that the gear be strong and reliable. The Race Face Chester Seatpost delivers for the rider that needs strength and dependability. Constructed from 6061 alloy for high strength and fatigue resistance. 299g (30. 9mm) 6061 ...


KS | ETEN Lever Dropper Seatpost 2020 | Black | 30.9mm, 100mm Travel, 385mm Length | Aluminum

$94.50 10% off $105.00 msrp

tr:hover {background-color: #ddd;}KS ETEN LEVER DROPPER SEATPOST 2020GETS THE JOB DONEDropper posts have revolutionized the way mountain bikers ride their bikes. They have become the norm in the biking world and many riders are upgrading. The KS ETEN Lever Dropper Seatpost is designed for those needing a basic dropper post that gets the job done without worry or hassle. It is made from a robust alloy and has a steel stanchion with a factory-sealed air ...


GravityDropper | Turbo LP Seatpost | Black | 4", 30.9mm, 400mm | Aluminum


GravityDropper Turbo LP SeatpostAs you scan the dropper post aisle, you'll notice that almost all dropper posts out there are either entirely hydraulic or have hydraulic internals. In contrast to the majority of other dropper posts on the market, the GravityDropper Turbo LP is 100% mechanical. However, don't let the word "mechanical" be an automatic definition for "outdated. " This is not the case. The completely mechanical makeup includes mechanical actuation, and mechanical internals that ...


SDG | Tellis Dropper Seatpost 125mm Travel, 31.6mm | Aluminum

$249.99 7% off $270.00 msrp

SDG TELLIS DROPPER SEATPOSTWORKS DROP AFTER DROPDropper posts have revolutionized the way mountain bikers ride their bikes. Back in the day, riders had to dismount their bikes before a descent to lower their seatposts so they could get a lower center of gravity and then dismount again when they got to a steep hill. With a dropper post, long gone are the days of dismounting. Riders can just flick a lever and lift and lower ...


KS | Lev-C Carbon Seatpost 65mm 2019 | Black | 31.6mm X 400mm, 65mm Travel | Aluminum

$412.99 29% off $589.00 msrp

Kind Shock Lev-Carbon Seatpost 65mmWith 65mm of slim air sprung travel, the Kind Shock LEV C seatpost gives new meaning to the old saying "big things come in small packages. " As a revered member of the already revered Kind Shock seatpost family, the LEV C steals the runway in seatpost innovation. The LEV's legendary zero movement cable technology is now housed in a svelte and stealthy unidirectional carbon fiber mast with a black hard ...


TranzX | Kitsuma Air Seatpost 31.6mm, 170mm travel, internal routing | Aluminum


TranzX Kitsuma Air SeatpostThe TranzX Kitsuma Air Seatpost was designed for the most drop with the least weight without compromising structural integrity. It features a lightweight alloy air cartridge upgrade to the Kitsuma, shaving grams and adding rebound adjustment to create our premier high-performance dropper post. Fit for the pro circuit but priced for the privateer, the Kitsuma Air will help you achieve your enduro dreams with less weight for the up and more drop ...


OneUp Components | Dropper Seatpost V2 150MM, 31.6mm | Aluminum


ONEUP COMPONENTS DROPPER SEATPOST V2IMPROVING UPON SOMETHING GREATIt's rare to see a mountain bike these days without a dropper post on them. Dropper posts are widely regarded as one of the best upgrades riders can do for their mountain bikes. With so many brands out there making dropper posts now, it can be difficult to choose the best one. The OneUp Components Dropper Seatpost is the second version of their dropper post. It is available ...


TranzX | Kitsuma External Seatpost 31.6mm, 170mm travel, external routing | Aluminum


TranzX Kitsuma External SeatpostThe TranzX Kitsuma External Seatpost is TransX’s most popular, reliable seat post for all-day trail rides all season long. It’s available in both external and internal cable routing and three diameters to fit most modern trail bikes, along with not so modern ones. The TranzX Kitsuma External Seatpost is as worry-free and low maintenance as possible so you can spend more time riding your bike and worrying less about maintenance. The Kitsuma ...


PNW Components | Cascade Solo Dropper Post | Black | 31.6mm, 170mm Travel, External, No Lever | Aluminum


PNW CASCADE SOLO DROPPER POSTDROPPIN' INDropper posts have revolutionized the way mountain bikers ride their bikes. It lets riders lift and lower their saddles without having to dismount. This means you can descend with a lower center of gravity and climb with maximum efficiency much easier. The PNW Cascade Solo Dropper Post is a workhorse, super reliable, and loved by many riders. It has a coil spring system that provides up and down service for ...


Race Face | Ride XC Seatpost | Black | 27.2mm, 375mm | Aluminum


The Race Face Ride XC Seatpost is constructed of 6061 butted aluminum that is 3D forged, anodized and shot peened for strength and to keep the weight down. The head is a low profile 2 bolt design that is easy to adjust and works well with today's lightweight saddle rails. 27. 2, 30. 9, and 31. 6mm diameter sizes Black 295 grams (claimed 27. 2mm) 375mm length XC and Trail use | Race Face | ...