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Zipp | Service Course Seatpost | Bead Blast Black | 31.6Mm, 20Mm Setback, 350Mm, B2 | Aluminum

$49.99 12% off $57.00 msrp

Zipp Service Course Seatpost Zipp is hardly a company that needs an introduction. Known for being tested amongst the toughest and fastest in the peloton, Zipp's legacy stands tall. Zipp is committed to helping riders achieve their potential by offer high-quality components with innovative design and manufacturing. Zipp managed to shave off a few grams by revamping their Service Course Seatpost. Though it is lighter, the seatpost is stronger and offers a precise fit that ...


Whisky Parts Co. | No.7 | Carbon | Seatpost 31.6Mm, 400Mm, Omm Offset


Whiskey No. 7 Carbon Seatpost Whiskey No. 7 made this sleek carbon seatpost to offer riders a strong, light, and simple choice for keeping their saddles in place. The two-bolt clamp gives you endless options for setting the angle of your saddle, and they allow you to perfectly distribute the tension. This keeps your rails from bending and your clamp from wearing out. These posts offer varying sizes and offsets, so there’s definitely one for ...


Ks | Eten Remote Dropper Seatpost | Black | 31.6Mm, 75Mm Travel, 325Mm Length | Aluminum

$94.50 10% off $105.00 msrp

KS ETEN REMOTE DROPPER SEATPOST 2020DROP DOWN LOWDropper posts have become the norm in the mountain bike world. Most bikes come stock with a dropper post now. If you're looking to upgrade from a rigid seat post to a dropper post without spending a ton, then you'll want the KS e Ten Remote Dropper Seatpost. The e Ten Remote is a high-quality dropper post that has a specific e Ten hydraulic cartridge and a single ...


Race Face | Next Sl Seatpost | Black | 31.6Mm, 400Mm


Race Face Next SL Seat Post The Race Face Next SL seatpost sets a new standard for performance XC posts. The new-patented Hunter head design offers full adjustability and easy saddle installation, all in very lightweight 250 gram package. The Hunter head has 6 degrees of upward tilt, 12 degrees of downward tilt and is compatible with 7/8mm alloy seat rails or 7/9mm carbon rails. The carbon tube is engineered & manufactured using Race Face's ...


Zipp | Sl Speed Carbon Seatpost | Matte Black | 20Mm Offset, 31.6Mm, 400Mm Length, B2


ZIPP SL SPEED CARBON SEATPOSTBRINGING THE SPEEDZipp's SL Speed Carbon Seatpost is favored by cross and road racers alike. With a wide range of adjustments and super light construction, the SL Speed is a dependable and functional post. Using SRAM's Exogram technology, Zipp designed a tube that's as light as possible without sacrificing integrity. With multiple lengths, offsets, and diameters available the SL Speed can satisfy any rider, regardless of preference. Features Weight: 170g (0mm ...


Rockshox | Reverb Axs 125Mm Seatpost 31.6Mm | Aluminum


Rockshox Reverb Axs 125mm Seatpost The new Era of Dropper Posts No hoses, no routing, and no energy wasted. These are the three key features that SRAM set out to achieve when designing the new Reverb AXS. Revamping the previous Reverb post from head to toe, SRAM created the industry’s first reliable wireless-electronic dropper seatpost. The Seatpost features a new controller you touch instead of a lever you throw and a new re-designed post head ...


Cane Creek | G4 Thudbuster St Seatpost 31.6Mm, 375Mmm Length | Aluminum


CANE CREEK G4 THUDBUSTER ST SEATPOSTYOU'RE FEELIN' THE STRENGTH OF THE BUMPWe're not against rides, we're not against riders, but we are against those thuds. If you're feelin' the strength of the bump, step up, hear the funk of the jump that the riders feel. The Cane Creek G4 Thudbuster ST Seatpost is the most effective and versatile suspension seatpost on the market. It is made with parallel linkage technology that provides enhanced comfort and ...


Cane Creek | Eesilk Carbon Seatpost 31.6Mm


Cane Creek Carbon ee Silk Seatpost Extend your ride Smooth out the road and trails with the Cane Creek Carbon ee Silk Seatpost. Designed to reduce numbness and rider fatigue caused by long rides on uneven ground, the Cane Creek ee Silk Seatpost uses an elastomer insert and a four-link design to allow the saddle to move through 20mm of travel. The elastomer acts as a cushion between the saddle and the seatpost, allowing the ...


Sage Bicycles | Sage Titanium Seatpost V2 31.6Mm Dia. 25Mm Offset, 400Mm Length

$129.94 35% off $200.00 msrp

Sage Titanium Seatpost V2Time to upgrade your stock seat post with the lightweight, strong and durable Sage Titanium Seatpost V2. Titanium’s natural ability to dampen vibrations means you will feel fresher for longer and allow you to go farther than you ever thought possible. Sage’s V2 model now includes their interlocking teeth feature for No-Slip Performance so your saddle will always remain exactly where you set it when you those times of needing to jump ...


Ks | Lev Integra Dropper Seatpost | Black | 31.6Mm, 125Mm Travel, 370Mm Length | Aluminum

$344.99 6% off $369.00 msrp

KS LEV INTEGRA DROPPER SEATPOST 2020LEVITATING YOU UP AND DOWNDropper posts are a must-have in today's mountain biking world. Dropper posts will quickly change your center of gravity so you can descend with ease and climb efficiently with a full leg extension. The KS LEV Integra Dropper Seatpost has an internally routed cable that significantly cleans up the look of your bike. It is available in several travel lengths and is great for XC, trail ...


Tranzx | Kitsuma Internal Seatpost 31.6Mm, 150Mm, Internal Routing | Aluminum


Tranz X Kitsuma Internal Dropper Seatpost Raise and lower your center of gravity at the flip of a switch with the Tranz X Kitsuma Internal Dropper Post. Designed as a budget-friendly dropper post, the Kitsuma saves money compared to the competition and still harnesses technical performance features to keep you performing. The Kitsuma Dropper is Made from 7075 aluminum alloy for a durable and lightweight construction. Anodized stanchions provide a high-quality look and the sealed ...


Pro | Discover | Carbon | Seatpost 31.6Mm, 400Mm, 20Mm Offset

$279.99 6% off $299.99 msrp

Pro Discover Carbon Seatpost Able to withstand almost anything If you are looking for an ultra-light, yet extremely strong seatpost to maximize your performance on the bike, look no further. The Pro Discover Carbon Seatpost utilizes Pro’s new Dyneema® carbon lay-up process, which not only makes the seatpost super strong but also simultaneously smooths out the ride by allowing a little flex. Of course, with the Pro Discover seatpost being made entirely out of carbon ...