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31.6 Mm Seatpost


Cane Creek | Eesilk Carbon Seatpost 31.6Mm

$189.94 40% off $319.99 msrp

Cane Creek Carbon ee Silk Seatpost Extend your ride Smooth out the road and trails with the Cane Creek Carbon ee Silk Seatpost. Designed to reduce numbness and rider fatigue caused by long rides on uneven ground, the Cane Creek ee Silk Seatpost uses an elastomer insert and a four-link design to allow the saddle to move through 20mm of travel. The elastomer acts as a cushion between the saddle and the seatpost, allowing the ...


Sdg | Tellis Dropper Seatpost 150Mm Travel, 31.6Mm | Aluminum

$179.94 33% off $270.00 msrp

SDG TELLIS DROPPER SEATPOSTWORKS DROP AFTER DROPDropper posts have revolutionized the way mountain bikers ride their bikes. Back in the day, riders had to dismount their bikes before a descent to lower their seatposts so they could get a lower center of gravity and then dismount again when they got to a steep hill. With a dropper post, long gone are the days of dismounting. Riders can just flick a lever and lift and lower ...


Pro | Discover | Carbon | Seatpost 31.6Mm, 400Mm, 20Mm Offset

$279.99 6% off $299.99 msrp

Pro Discover Carbon Seatpost Able to withstand almost anything If you are looking for an ultra-light, yet extremely strong seatpost to maximize your performance on the bike, look no further. The Pro Discover Carbon Seatpost utilizes Pro’s new Dyneema® carbon lay-up process, which not only makes the seatpost super strong but also simultaneously smooths out the ride by allowing a little flex. Of course, with the Pro Discover seatpost being made entirely out of carbon ...


Ks | Eten-I Dropper Seatpost | Black | 27.2Mm, 65Mm Travel, 310Mm Length | Aluminum

$103.50 10% off $115.00 msrp

KS ETEN-I DROPPER SEATPOST 2020A VALUE-PRICED DROPPER POSTMany riders are upgrading their rigid seat posts to dropper posts. The benefits of dropper posts are numerous, and there are few reasons to not upgrade. The KS ETEN-i Dropper Post is perfect for new riders just getting used to the idea of on-the-fly seat height adjustment or more experienced riders looking for a value-priced solution. The ETEN-i uses the same head and cartridge as the ETEN Remote ...


Rockshox | Reverb Axs 125Mm Seatpost 30.9Mm | Aluminum


Rockshox Reverb Axs 125mm Seatpost The new Era of Dropper Posts No hoses, no routing, and no energy wasted. These are the three key features that SRAM set out to achieve when designing the new Reverb AXS. Revamping the previous Reverb post from head to toe, SRAM created the industry’s first reliable wireless-electronic dropper seatpost. The Seatpost features a new controller you touch instead of a lever you throw and a new re-designed post head ...


Tranzx | Kitsuma External Seatpost 30.9Mm, 125Mm Travel, External Routing | Aluminum


Tranz X Kitsuma External Seatpost The Tranz X Kitsuma External Seatpost is Trans X’s most popular, reliable seat post for all-day trail rides all season long. It’s available in both external and internal cable routing and three diameters to fit most modern trail bikes, along with not so modern ones. The Tranz X Kitsuma External Seatpost is as worry-free and low maintenance as possible so you can spend more time riding your bike and worrying ...


Tranzx | Kitsuma Air Seatpost 30.9Mm, 150Mm Travel, Internal Routing | Aluminum


Tranz X Kitsuma Air Seatpost The Tranz X Kitsuma Air Seatpost was designed for the most drop with the least weight without compromising structural integrity. It features a lightweight alloy air cartridge upgrade to the Kitsuma, shaving grams and adding rebound adjustment to create our premier high-performance dropper post. Fit for the pro circuit but priced for the privateer, the Kitsuma Air will help you achieve your enduro dreams with less weight for the up ...


Cane Creek | G4 Thudbuster St Seatpost 27.2Mm, 375Mm Length | Aluminum


CANE CREEK G4 THUDBUSTER ST SEATPOSTYOU'RE FEELIN' THE STRENGTH OF THE BUMPWe're not against rides, we're not against riders, but we are against those thuds. If you're feelin' the strength of the bump, step up, hear the funk of the jump that the riders feel. The Cane Creek G4 Thudbuster ST Seatpost is the most effective and versatile suspension seatpost on the market. It is made with parallel linkage technology that provides enhanced comfort and ...


Enve | Zero Offset Seatpost 27.2Mm, 300Mm


ENVE Zero Offset Seatpost Not One Offset ENVE constructed the Zero Offset Seatpost with a one-piece molded design for a streamlined look. The engineers at ENVE strategically wrapped carbon to achieve an ideal strength-to-weight ratio, and more stiffness. Installed with one bolt, the seatpost offers a wide range of angles and fore/aft adjustment. The Seatpost is coated with a Uni finish to guarantee a stealthy addition to your bike. Features One bolt and one-piece molded ...


Race Face | Next Sl Seatpost | Black | 27.2Mm, 400Mm


Race Face Next SL Seat Post The Race Face Next SL seatpost sets a new standard for performance XC posts. The new-patented Hunter head design offers full adjustability and easy saddle installation, all in very lightweight 250 gram package. The Hunter head has 6 degrees of upward tilt, 12 degrees of downward tilt and is compatible with 7/8mm alloy seat rails or 7/9mm carbon rails. The carbon tube is engineered & manufactured using Race Face's ...


Tranzx | Skyline Seatpost 30.9Mm, 125Mm, Internal Routing | Aluminum

$95.19 20% off $119.00 msrp

Tranz X Skyline Seatpost The Tranz X Skyline Seatpost is internally routed and can take your riding to a new level without breaking bank. The Tranz X Skyline Seatpost represents the new standard in dropper posts and is one of the most popular droppers chosen by countless bike brands. It features a proven sealed hydraulic cartridge with reliable 6061 aluminum alloy construction the Skyline is built to work, and built to last, with minimal maintenance ...


Tranzx | Kitsuma Internal Seatpost 30.9Mm, 150Mm, Internal Routing | Aluminum


Tranz X Kitsuma Internal Dropper Seatpost Raise and lower your center of gravity at the flip of a switch with the Tranz X Kitsuma Internal Dropper Post. Designed as a budget-friendly dropper post, the Kitsuma saves money compared to the competition and still harnesses technical performance features to keep you performing. The Kitsuma Dropper is Made from 7075 aluminum alloy for a durable and lightweight construction. Anodized stanchions provide a high-quality look and the sealed ...


Race Face | Chester Seatpost | Black | 27.2Mm X 325Mm | Aluminum


Race Face Chester Seatpost Durability and Quality Race Face created the Race Face Chester Seatpost for those that like to hit big airs and punish their bikes on the hardest trails and not have to worry about punishing their gear. What is important to this rider is that the gear be strong and reliable. The Race Face Chester Seatpost delivers for the rider that needs strength and dependability. Constructed from 6061 alloy for high strength ...