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Foundation | Road Presta Bike Tube 700 X 25-32C, 48Mm Valve Ll | Rubber


Foundation Road Presta Valve Tube Tubes rank as one of the least exciting parts of a bike to think about, but they are pretty dang essential and deserve some consideration when deciding which ones to purchase. Foundation Road Presta Valve tubes offer a great bang for your buck and come in a variety of widths to fit your individual needs. Without a tube, you don't roll. When the you’re rolling on goes flat, you don't ...


Specialized | Standard Presta Valve 700C Tube 700 X 20-28C, 40Mm Valve

$6.00 25% off $8.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED STANDARD PRESTA VALVE 700C TUBESPARE TUBESWhether you're cruising the trails, doing an epic century ride, or riding to work, you should always have inner tubes with you. Nothing ends a ride quicker than getting a flat and not having a spare tube with you. The Specialized Standard Presta Valve Tube is the one thing we all need to go riding. It is lightweight, consistent in quality, and has a 0. 8mm wall thickness for ...


Specialized | Airlock Presta Valve 700C Tube 700 X 20-28C, 40Mm Valve

$8.00 33% off $12.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED AIRLOCK PRESTA VALVE 700C TUBELOCKING IT DOWNNothing is worse than getting a flat and not having a spare tube. Luckily, with a self-sealing tube, if you get a puncture, you'll be able to keep riding. The Specialized Airlock Presta Valve Tube is the best performing, self-sealing tubes available. They feature a powerful Airlock sealant that coats the tube for protection against punctures. The sealant works continuously in order to prevent slow leaks from occurring. ...


Tubolito | S-Tubo Cx/gravel All Tube 700X32-50Mm, 42Mm Valve


Tubolito S-Tubo CX/Gravel All Tube Ultra-Light and Robust The Tubolito S-Tubo CX/Gravel Tube was made for the widths of 30 - 47mm and is ready to be used for all cyclocross and gravel uses. The S-Tubo is compact and perfect for use as a spare or for everyday use. It is as robust as a standard inner tube and is compatible with disc brake rims only. Features Can be used as a spare or for ...


Surly | 29 X 3 Presta Valve Tube Surly | 29 X 3 Presta Valve Tube


Surly 29" x 3" Presta Valve Tube You've got all set up on your awesome new 29+ trail machine and POP! Flat tire. . It's a bummer, but don't let a popped tube be the end of your ride. This Surly 29+ tube is just what you need to get your Krampus (or any 29" x 3" wheeled bike) back on the trail! Size 29" x 3"Prest Vlave 32-40mm | Surly | 29 X 3 ...


Pirelli | P Zero Smartube Tube 700 X 23-32Mm, 42Mm | Polyurethane

$23.34 41% off $39.90 msrp

Pirelli P Zero Smar TUBE Tube Oh Yeah, It's Big Brain Time Lightness plays a key factor in how fast a wheel can rotate. With a lighter setup, your wheels can rotate faster and you can accelerate more efficiently. The Pirelli P Zero Smar TUBE Tube is the most advanced inner tube in the Pirelli lineup. This tube is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, also known as TPU, making it 70% lighter, up to 50% more ...


Surly | Plus Fat Bike Tube - 26"+ 26 X 3.0-4.8", Presta Valve | Rubber


Surly Fat Bike Ultra Light Tube The Surly Fat Bike Ultra-Light Tube. Yep, we just used "Fat" and "Ultra-Light" in the same sentence. It is designed to fit the biggest and baddest fat bike tires on the market. The . 8mm thick butyl rubber gets the air holding job done so that you can focus on pointing you fat bike at something gnarly. Coincidently, these tubes are also large enough to send a baby goat ...


Quality | Teravail 650B/27.5" Presta Tube 650B X 52Mm-58Mm (27.5" X 2.0"-2.25")

$7.13 24% off $9.50 msrp

Teravail 650b/27. 5" Presta Tube These 650B presta valved tubes are replacement tubes for your 650B wheels. Keep a few spares around to be prepared for a flat!32mm valve Presta valve Removable valve core | Quality | Teravail 650B/27. 5" Presta Tube 650B X 52Mm-58Mm (27. 5" X 2. 0"-2. 25")


Quality | Teravail Thorn Resistant 27.5" Inner Tube Presta, 2.0"-2.25" | Rubber

$13.13 24% off $17.50 msrp

Q-Tubes Thorn Resistant 27. 5" Inner Tube These Thorn Resistant tubes are made of butyl rubber and measure 4mm thick in the tread area and 2mm thick in the rim area for durability. They are available with a schrader or presta valve and have removable valve cores. Keep the thorns out and the air in. Ride on. Features Size 27. 5 x 2. 0-2. 25"4mm thick in the tread area and 2mm in the rim ...