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Rockshox | 35Mm Skf Dust Seal Kit Pike/ Lyrik B1/ Yari/ Boxxer 35Mm Kit


Rock Shox Pike 35mm Dust Seal Kit Dust Seal Kit for 2014 Rock Shox Pike forks with 35mm sanctions. Kit includes 35mm Dust Seals / 6mm Foam Rings, enough to completely service one fork. Also reverse compatible with all 35mm stanchion Boxxer forks. Manufacture Part Number: 11. 4018. 028. 002 Reverse compatible with all 35mm stanchion Boxxer forks. (This one piece seal and foam ring eliminates the two-piece dust wiper and pressure seal system) | ...


Dvo | Diamond Seal Kit Diamond 35Mm Seal Kit


Dvo Diamond Seal Kit For a fork to be able to operate at its full capacity, and deliver the performance today's riders are expecting, a fork needs to be maintained. This is often overlooked by many riders but is an essential task that should be performed at manufacturers recommended intervals. For the DVO Diamond, they recommend a service every 50 hrs of use. The DVO Diamond Seal Kit is exactly what is needed to keep ...


Fox Racing Shox | Low Friction Fork Seals 36Mm, Low Friction


Fox Shox Low Friction Fork Seals If you want the best, go straight to the source. These are Fox's new Low Friction seal kits — the same seals used on their premium line of "Factory Series" forks. Great hop-up for your older Fox fork, essential for your newer Fox Fork Inspect and clean and/or change every 125 hours of riding use or anually for maximum performance and fork longevity. Select the kit that matches the ...