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Pro | Discover Handlebar 40Cm, 12Dr Flare | Aluminum


PRO Discover Handlebar Ultimate Control on Gravel Flared bars are perfect for gravel riding and touring bikes. They are designed to provide better control and stability while navigating gravel roads. The PRO Discover Handlebar is a gravel handlebar developed for technical and challenging terrain. It comes with either 30° or 12° flares. The Discover is constructed from AL-6066 alloy and has Shimano Di2 integration with semi-internal cable routing. Features Ergonomic shape on the tops for ...


Ritchey | Wcs Venturemax Carbon Handlebar | Blatte | 44Cm, Carbon, 31.8


RITCHEY WCS VENTUREMAX CARBON HANDLEBARADVENTURING TO THE MAXWhen it comes to hand comfort while riding, many riders overlook the benefits of an upgrade in handlebars. The Ritchey WCS Venture Max Carbon Handlebar is designed for adventure. They are intended to ride wider than typical drop bars and are measured at the initial bend rather than at the hood. It features a carbon fiber construction that makes these bars lightweight and highly durable. The Bio-bend in ...


Whisky Parts Co. | Spano Drop Handlebar Carbon, 31.8Mm, 44Cm, Black


Whisky Spano Drop Handlebar Soakin' up bad vibrations Getting off the pavement can be a great feeling, but not always for your hands. The Whisky Spano bar is designed to take a bit of the “gravely feeling” from being transmitted through your handlebars, so you can focus on enjoying the ride. The flat top design incorporates a small amount of vertical flex, which acts as micro-suspension over rough roads and dirt trails, and also provides ...


Specialized | Hover Flare Alloy Handlebar 40Cm, +15Mm Rise | Aluminum

$40.99 25% off $55.00 msrp

SPECIALIZED HOVER FLARE ALLOY HANDLEBARAN ALLOY HANDLEBAR THAT EXCELS IN COMFORT AND PERFORMANCEHandlebars are what connect us to our rides. It is an important contact point that many riders overlook, but having the wrong handlebars on your bike can hinder your performance and comfort. The Specialized Hover Flare Alloy Handlebar is a 6061 butted aluminum handlebar that is lightweight and incredibly durable. It features a 15mm rise that provides a wider range of fit and ...


Easton | Ea50 Ax Alloy Handlebar 42Cm | Aluminum


EASTON EA50 AX ALLOY HANDLEBARFLARED DROP BARSWhen it comes to your comfort while you're riding, the type of bars you use on your bike will have an impact on your hand and wrist comfort. Having a slight flare in your drop bars will help improve your comfort. The Easton EA50 AX Alloy Handlebar is a budget-friendly flared drop bar. It features a 16° flare for comfort in the drops and control on gnarly terrain or ...


Shimano | Pro Discover Alloy Handlebar | Black | 40Cm, 20Deg Flare | Aluminum


Pro Discover Alloy Handlebar Discover new roads When roads turn to dirt and gravel, the needs from your handlebar design change dramatically. Pro had these needs in mind when developing the Discover Alloy Handlebar, this bar features ergonomic and performance elements designed to get you through the toughest gravel adventures. The Discover Alloy boasts a 20-degree flare in the drops, which creates a more stable platform on loose terrain and improves ergonomics while riding in ...