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Easton | EC70 SL Di-2 Road Handlebar 46cm


Easton EC70 SL Di-2 Road HandlebarThe EC70 SL carbon road bars feature the same compact, high performance shape as the EC90 SLX3, only difference is the use of Easton's second tier carbon fiber to create a more affordable carbon handlebar option. The EC70 SL has a shallow drop and compact reach making controls easily accessible from multiple hand positions. Easton combined their EC70 carbon fiber and Taperwall technology with the Intelligent Flexibility design to create ...


Salsa | Cowbell Deluxe Handlebar - | Silver | | Silver | 44cm, 31.8mm, Aluminum


SALSACowbell Deluxe HandlebarIf you have a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell, then you'll love the Salsa Cowbell Deluxe Drop Bars. The Cowbell blends speed, comfort, and efficiency for high-performance efforts on gravel and paved roads. It features a 12° flare that puts your hands in a natural and comfortable position when you're in the drops. They're lightweight and are made of 7050-T6 aluminum. Features12° flare puts your hands in a natural and ...


Easton | EA50 AX Alloy Handlebar 40cm | Aluminum

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EASTON EA50 AX ALLOY HANDLEBARFLARED DROP BARSWhen it comes to your comfort while you're riding, the type of bars you use on your bike will have an impact on your hand and wrist comfort. Having a slight flare in your drop bars will help improve your comfort. The Easton EA50 AX Alloy Handlebar is a budget-friendly flared drop bar. It features a 16° flare for comfort in the drops and control on gnarly terrain or ...


Ritchey | WCS VentureMax Drop Handlebar V2 Blatte, 46cm | Aluminum


RITCHEY WCS VENTUREMAX DROP HANDLEBAR V2FOR TOURS OR SINGLETRACKWhether you're going out on an adventure, cruising the gravel paths, or riding the singletrack, you'll want to have comfortable handlebars on your bike. The Ritchey WCS VentureMax Drop Handlebar is intended to ride wider than typical drop bars. While it boasts a number of attributes including multiple hand positions, it’s the return of the Bio-bend in the drop that adds to the signature look and feel ...


Ritchey | Comp ErgoMax Drop Handlebar | Black | 44cm, 31.8, 128mm drop, 73mm reach | Aluminum


Ritchey Comp ErgoMax Drop HandlebarThe Ritchey Comp ErgoMax Drop Handlebar enjoys a rich history of handlebar design and development and combines it with the modern demands of discerning riders who enjoy riding varying surfaces. It’s designed to enhance control and comfort when riding along loose surfaces and is ideal for gravel riding since it places the hands in a wider, more stable position while in the drops. The Ergomax handlebar also features drops with a ...


Kona | Sutra Handlebar | Black | 31.8mm, 48cm | Aluminum


Kona Sutra HandlebarThe Kona Sutra Handlebar has been specifically designed to provide comfort for long distance riding and touring. The handlebars flare out at the drops, giving way for a more comfortable riding position. They’re made from aluminum, making them lightweight and durable enough to handle the long hours you’ll be spending on the road. FeaturesAluminnum constructionOutwardly flared drops | Kona | Sutra Handlebar | Black | 31. 8mm, 48cm | Aluminum