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56 Cm Lightweight Road Bike


Marin Bikes | Gestalt X10 Bike 2022 | Gloss Chrome/blue/black | 50Cm

$899.94 43% off $1,589.00 msrp

Marin Gestalt X10 Bike 2021Adventure On and Off-Road Riding There are many riders that want a versatile bike. They want a bike that can ride the pavement and continue riding when the pavement ends. The Marin Gestalt X10 Bike is ready for any adventure. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and a full carbon fork. It features mudguard and rack mounts so you can easily transform this into a daily commuter or light-duty touring bike. ...


Bianchi | Oltre Xr3 Ultegra Bike 2022 Gr Race Grey 50Cm

$2,999.94 34% off $4,600.00 msrp

BIANCHI OLTRE XR3 ULTEGRA BIKE 2022Pushing your speed limit The Bianchi Oltre XR3 Ultegra Bike is made for speed. In creating this bike, Bianchi called upon their decades of engineering and design to create the ultimate bike for spirited rides without sacrificing long-ride comfort and road feel. The Oltre XR3 uses Bianchi’s Countervail technology, an embedded viscoelastic material that soaks up micro vibration from harsh roads, resulting in more speed, longer rides, and increased comfort. ...


Niner | Rlt 9 Rdo Grx Zipp Jenson Exclusive Bike Blood Red 56Cm

$3,639.94 38% off $5,899.00 msrp

Niner RLT 9 RDO GRX Zipp Jenson Exclusive Bike Rugged and Versatile Road bikes are only great for the pavement, but if you want to go beyond that, you'll want a gravel bike. Gravel bikes bridge the gap so you can ride on pavement and continue going when the dirt begins. The Niner RLT 9 RDO GRX Zipp Jenson Exclusive Bike is designed for adventure and versatility. It has an RDO carbon frame and an ...


$1,679.94 19% off $2,099.00 msrp


Kona | Libre Bike 2023 54Cm Green

$1,679.94 19% off $2,099.00 msrp

Kona Libre Bike 2023Libre’ate yourself from boring bikes When you’re looking for comfort and speed on varied terrain, from rough pavement to tame singletrack, look no further than the Kona Libre. The Libre thrives on gravel, with a progressive geometry design to happily handle any off-road pursuit without compromising on-road feel. Featuring a 6061 butted aluminum frame with a Kona Libre carbon fiber fork, the Libre balances lightweight performance and rugged capability, with all the ...