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Sram | Eagle X-Sync2 Cold Forged Chainring | Black | 6Mm, 32 Tooth, Direct Mount | Aluminum

$36.64 12% off $42.00 msrp

SRAM EAGLE X-SYNC 2 COLD FORGED CHAINRINGChainrings, chains and cassettes eventually wear out. When these parts wear out, they will start to cause shifting problems and other performance issues. The new X-Sync 2 Chainring design increases chain retention, wear life, and reduces friction and noise. Eagle technology is the newest 12-speed drivetrain system from SRAM and creates the smoothest, quietest, longest lasting and most efficient drivetrains. The longer, positive-rake tooth shape has ...


Absoluteblack | Sram Oval Dm Non-Boost Chainring | Black | 28 Tooth, Dm, 6Mm Offset | Aluminum


Absolute Black Spiderless GXP Oval Ring Are you ready to set that next KOM? The Absolute Black Spiderless GXP Direct-Mount Oval Ring is ready to rip it up with its beautifully machined, lightweight and stiff construction. Simply put, this is the best looking spiderless ring we've ever seen. Its special direct mount interface is compatible with SRAM GXP MTB cranks that feature removable spiders. Simply remove your existing spider and bolt this ring on in ...


Sram | Eagle X-Sync 2 6Mm Non-Boost Chainring | Black | 38 Tooth, Direct Mount | Aluminum

$92.35 13% off $107.00 msrp

SRAM X-Sync Eagle 6mm Offset Chainring INTEGRITYAfter studying the performance and wear of drivetrain components in the lab and in the real world, SRAM engineers have redesigned X-Sync chainrings. Enter X-Sync 2 Eagle chainrings. They are now more durable, run quieter and are more efficient. Given a longer positive-rake tooth they will work perfectly with Eagle chains to increase retention along with decreasing friction and noise no matter what the conditons. Reviews Bikerumor - "Basically, ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Direct Mount Chainrings For Race Face Cinch 28T 3Mm Offset (Boost) Cinch | Aluminum


Wolf Tooth Direct Mount For Race Face Cinch Wolf Tooth, now offers chainrings for the popular Race Face Cinch cranks. They feature Drop-Stop asymmetrical tooth design for the best wear life, chain retention, and mud clearance. The rings in sizes 26-34 have an ideal 49mm chainline. In the 36T size, Wolf Tooth has an improved chainline of 51mm over the Race Face direct mount ring for better chainstay clearance. Features:Wolf Tooth's Patent Pending Drop-Stop Design7075 ...