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Teravail | Rutland 700c Tire 42c | Black | Durable, Tubeless


Teravail Rutland 700c TireThe tire for every rideTeravail designed the Rutland with the unknown in mind. They wanted to create a tire that would be perfect for every ride. It provides riders with an extremely supple ride with unparalleled traction. The ramped, tightly spaced center lugs reduce rolling resistance and the aggressive shoulder and transition lugs provide grip in loose conditions. The Rutland is available in either a durable or light and supple construction in ...


Maxxis | All Terrane Tire 700X33, 120Tpi, Dc/Exo/TR


Maxxis All Terrane TireGrab the hole shot and don't look back! The Maxxis All Terrane tire is a cyclocross race tire designed to excelwhen the course gets loose, but it's also ramped for speed on harder surfaces. The open tread pattern is quick to disperse mud when you pick up speed and the tubeless ready design allows you to drop pressures to get unreal traction. The cornering knobs dig in to give you support so ...


Maxxis | Hookworm Wire Bead Tire 29X2.5 Wire

$41.00 8% off $45.00 msrp

Maxxis Hookworm Wire Bead TireThe Maxxis Hookworm is the ultimate street/ramp/urban assault tire for your bike. It uses Maxxis' downhill specific casing to resist pinch flats, and the huge air volume takes the edge off awkward landings. Whether you're at the skate park or just riding to class, this tire won't let you down. Features60a durometer ensures long life, even on paved surfacesWire beadCurved grooved slick designRim to rim tread-protected sidewalls65 Max PSI | Maxxis ...


WTB | Nano 29" TCS Light/Fast Rolling Tire | Black | 2.1", TCS Light/Fast Rolling

$65.95 9% off $72.95 msrp

WTB Nano TCS Light FR 29 x 2. 1" Tire Proven by Jay Petervary and many others who have toed the line for the 2700 mile Tour Divide, the WTB Nano is an extremely fast and predictable tire. A raised centerline rolls effortlessly on hard pack and paved surfaces while numerous micro-knobs provide lateral traction and reliable steering. Dual DNA Compound is WTB's rubber mixture that offers a great mix of efficiency, traction and durability. ...


Continental | Hometrainer Tire 26 X 1.75 Folding Black

$43.96 20% off $55.00 msrp

Continental Home Trainer Folding Tire With breakthroughs in trainer technologies, more and more winter training is being done without rubber ever touching the pavement. The Continental Home Trainer tire is specifically designed for training indoors at home, featuring heat resistant compounds that prevent overheating and a stiffer casing that provides longer wear for indoor use. Simply install the Home Trainer Tires, bust out you resistance trainer, plug in your headphones, and get to work! ...


Maxxis | Pace 29" Tire 29X2.10, Dc, Exo, TR

$67.00 6% off $72.00 msrp

Maxxis Pace 29" Tire The new Maxxis Pace Tire was designed to meet the demands of world cup XC racers. The High volume, and low profile tread design works best for hard-packed XC courses since it offers minimal rolling resistance and ample traction across the tire. The grippy side-knobs keep you planted as you blaze through the windy single track. Available in 26", 27. 5", and 29"for maximum shreddage across multiple platforms. Maxxis Pace 29"X2. ...


Maxxis | Griffin 27.5" DH Tire 27.5X2.40 DH, Wire Bead, 3C Maxx Grip

$70.40 20% off $88.00 msrp

Maxxis Griffin 27. 5" DH Tire If you're seating Maxxis's Griffin DH tires you better be ready to hold on tight, because these things are fast! As the surface conditions vary between downhill courses, the Maxxis Griffin features a less aggressive tread design that's designed to pick up speed on hardpack trails. The knobs are smaller and more tightly spaced, with heavily ramped leading edges to reduce rolling resistance on tracks with lots of pedaling. ...


Maxxis | Minion DHF 3C/EXO+/3C 29" Tire 2.5WT, F120 3CT/EXO+/TR


Maxxis Minion DHF 3C/EXO+/TR 29" TireThe erratic ways of all-mountain, and shall we say, "Enduro, " riding calls for an aggressive tire that delivers both speed and precision. The Maxxis Minion DHF Tire does just that. The directional, ramped knob design reduces rolling resistance, saving energy on the climb for the more important plunge. Once you grind out the ascent and earn the descent, the Minion DHF unleashes its channel-cut knobs to enhance grip, providing ...