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Easton | Ec90 Aero55 | Carbon | 700C Wheel Front, 12 X 100Mm

$975.00 9% off $1,075.00 msrp

EASTON EC90 AERO55 CARBON 700C WHEELTalk about features! These wheels have everything anyone could ever ask for: leading aerodynamics, certified Road Tubeless™ compatibility without rim strips, unrivaled braking performance, outstanding durability and competitive weight. Don’t take our word for it - check out the results from Easton’s exhaustive wind tunnel testing. Riding these wheels in a 40-kilometer time trial saves a whopping 14 seconds over the next fastest wheel. Riders concerned ...


Wtb | Czr I23 700 Wheel Front, 12 X 100Mm, 28H, Centerlock, Wing21

$594.97 29% off $849.95 msrp

WTB CZR i23 700 Wheel Optimized across the board WTB’s new CZR i23 carbon wheels are WTB’s first foray into the world of carbon gravel wheels. Utilizing their rim design knowledge and expertise, WTB were able to create a top notch rim that’s optimized for gravel applications. The CZR i23 rims feature a reinforced spoke bed that’s designed to improve the overall strength of the rim while simultaneously shaving off weight in areas that require ...


Specialized | Roval Rapide Clx Ii 700C Tubeless Wheels Rear, 12X142, 24 Hole, 21Mm Int, 60Mm Deep, Lfd Hubs


Roval Rapide CLX II 700C Tubeless Wheels Blisteringly fast Roval's Rapide CLX wheels are already renowned for winning some of the biggest races and winning more world tour races than any other wheel since 2020. So how do you take an already blisteringly top-of-the-line wheel and improve on it? The team at Roval/Specialized found a way. The refined design delivers a 25% improvement in stability over 50mm depth rims while also offering less drag than ...


Spinergy | Stealth Fcc 3.2 Xdr Wheels Front Spin Ed, Center Lock, 12Mm

$310.94 47% off $594.00 msrp

Spinergy Stealth FCC 3. 2 Wheels The closest thing to strapping a rocket to your bike Spinergy’s Stealth FCC 3. 2 wheels should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for an affordable carbon wheelset to give you a competitive advantage when the road starts to point upward. The lightweight carbon rims keep rotational weight to a minimum while the 32mm deep rim profile gives you a slight aerodynamic benefit, resulting in ...


Spinergy | Stealth Fcc 3.2 Centerlock Xdr Wheels Rear | Black | Center Lock, 12Mm, Xdr Freehub

$365.94 49% off $725.00 msrp

Spinergy Stealth FCC 3. 2 Centerlock Wheels The climbers wheelset Spinergy’s Stealth FCC 3. 2 wheelset is the ultimate wheelset for climbers and sprinters who are in search of a lightweight rim paired with a high quality hub. The Stealth FCC 3. 2 wheelset features Spinergy’s in-house 32mm deep carbon fiber rim which keeps the weight to a minimum and stiffness at a maximum which translates to lightning fast acceleration and exceptional handling. A tubeless ...


Spinergy | Stealth Fcc 4.7 Centerlock Xdr Wheels Rear | Black | Center Lock, 12Mm, Xdr Freehub

$447.94 47% off $859.00 msrp

Spinergy Stealth FCC 4. 7 Centerlock Wheels Stealthy all rounder Spinergy’s Stealth FCC 4. 7 wheels are designed to be the perfect all rounder wheelset, they’re lightweight, aero, and feature a modern internal rim width. The 47mm depth rims are designed to give you an aero advantage without bogging you down once it’s time to point your wheel upwards. The carbon fiber rim construction helps to keep the total wheelset weight down to a low ...