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Continental | Grand Prix 5000 All Season 700C Tire 25C | Black/cream | Chili | Rubber

$89.95 10% off $99.95 msrp

Continental Grand Prix 5000 All Season TR 700c Tire Fast in any weather Blending the legendary all-out performance qualities of the GP5000 Tire, with the puncture resistance of the Grand Prix 4 Season Tire, the Continental Grand Prix 5000 All Season is a race-ready tire that doesn’t care what the calendar says. This tire features increased wet weather grip, and a tough, multi-layered construction with reinforced sidewalls and a Vectran Breaker to improve puncture resistance. ...


Continental | Ultra Sport Iii 700C Tire | Black | 700X23Mm


CONTINENTAL ULTRA SPORT III 700C TIRELONG LASTINGThe type of tires you use on your bike play a significant role in your performance and handling. With the right tires, you'll be able to roll farther and faster. The Continental Ultra Sport III 700c Tire is made with Pure Grip compound that provides excellent grip and is long-lasting and highly durable. These tires are perfect for training and gran fondos. Features Pure Grip compound provides excellent grip ...


Pirelli | Cinturato Velo 700C Tire - Tubeless Ready | Black | 26C


Pirelli Cinturato Velo 700c Tire - Tubeless Ready Pirelli, a name synonymous with premium, high-end style, is an Italian Icon in the automotive industry, with roots deeply embedded in racing culture. Their exemplary tires arent limited to motor vehicles, though. They also build relentlessly fast road racing tires, and their new Pirelli Cinturato Velo 700c Tire - Tubeless Ready is a testament to that. These tires are unique in their ability to handle well in ...


Goodyear | Vector 4Seasons 700C Tire | Black | 25C


Goodyear Vector 4Seasons 700c Tire Tires change the way your bike rides, and depending on where you're riding, your tires could increase or hinder your performance. They have car tires, do auto repairs, have a world-famous blimp, and now they have bicycle tires. The Goodyear Vector 4Seasons 700c Tire is designed to be the ultimate all year road tires and use Goodyear's Dynamic:Silica4 compound which minimizes rolling resistance while also increasing traction when it's wet. ...


Maxxis | Re-Fuse Gravel Oem Tire (No Packaging) 700 X 32, Tan, 60 Tpi Maxxshield Trail


Maxxis Re-Fuse Gravel OEM Tire (No Packaging)Maximum versatility From fast gravel rides, to urban commuting, to off-season training miles, the Maxxis Re-Fuse is renowned for its durability, efficiency, and versatility. The Re-Fuse features a dual-compound tread that balances grip and long wear life over all types of terrain. The Maxxis Maxx Shield casing used in the Re-Fuse uses Silk Shield protection from bead to bead, with an added K2 Aramid Composite tread layer for added ...


45Nrth | Gravdal 700Cx38C Studded Tire 60Tpi | Rubber


45NRTH Gravdal 700 x 38 Studded Tire WINTER RIDING EVOLVEDHere's a no-compromise studded tire to take on your most extreme wintertime conditions. It's the 45NRTH Gravdal 700 x 38 Studded Tire, a tire offering 252 studs between you and the ice below. And with the large 38mm casing, you'll experience a level of confidence and safety never before seen in these conditions. The strategically-placed center knobs are designed with siping, or a process that creates ...