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Park Tool | Fr-6 Fr-6 Freewheel Remover: Bmx


Park Tool FR-6 Freewheel Remover Heat treated alloy tool steel, one inch base fits wrench or bench vise. Thin wall construction allows use without removal of cones and locknuts. The FR-5 has 12 splines that are approximately 23. 4mm across. Features Removes four-notch BMX / single-speed freewheel from hubs with 1. 37 x 24 TPI threads The FR-6 has four notches approximately 32mm across measured inside to inside and 40mm outside to outside Fits over ...


Marin Bikes | Alcatraz Bike 2023 Blue Magenta S


Marin Alcatraz Bike 2023For The Dirt Jumps Maybe you prefer being airborne more often than not and maybe you see every bump, rock, and curb as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. If you're this type of rider, then you might want a dirt jumper. The Marin Alcatraz Bike is made for those who would rather be at the local pump track or hitting up the skate park. The frame is made from Series 3 ...


Haro | Steel Reserve 1.2 Bike 2021 | Nickel | Large


HARO STEEL RESERVE 1. 2 BIKE 2021NO RESERVESBMX and freestyle riding are for the rider who enjoys being airborne more often than they're on the ground. These bikes are designed for demanding conditions and are built robustly. The Haro Steel Reserve 1. 2 is a dirt jumper with a full chromoly frame and suspension fork. The frame uses 100mm of travel on the front. The frame comes with a rear hydraulic disc brake and has ...


Norco | Rampage 1 26" 2021 Bike L, Brown/beige

$1,349.94 24% off $1,799.00 msrp

NORCO RAMPAGE 1 26" 2021 BIKEBUILT TO SHREDBeing on the ground isn't all that fun. Sometimes you just want to be in the air more often. This is the perfect time to get a dirt jumper so you can be like the birds. The Norco Rampage 1 26" Bike is built to shred and has a purpose-built, highly evolved, tough-as-nails aluminum frame with robust components that can withstand the demands of dirt jumping. The frame ...


Norco | Rampage Team Bike 2022 | Silver | Medium

$2,324.94 24% off $3,099.00 msrp

Norco Rampage Team Bike 2022It All Started With a Giant Gorilla, Reptile, and Wolf Dirt jumping is for those that prefer being in the air more than being on the ground. With the right bike, dirt jumping can be even more fun. The Norco Rampage Team Bike is the ultimate evolution in dirt jumpers with a light frame that gets up to speed fast with the perfect mix of agility and stability. The frame is ...