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Ibis Ripmo AF Topaz Frame 2021 Metal, Large


IBIS RIPMO AF TOPAZ FRAME 2020The heavy metal cousin of the Ripmo CarbonWhen you look at the silhouette of the Ripmo AF it looks a lot like the carbon Ripmo, but upon further inspection, you’ll notice some welds around the frame. The bike is still a Ripmo, but it features a full aluminum frame. The days of Ibis bikes only being available as expensive carbon builds are over, The Ripmo AF is here, it’s inexpensive, ...


Salsa EXP Series Fat Hardtail Frame Pack Pack 7


SALSA EXP SERIES FAT HARDTAIL FRAME PACKGAINING EXPStorage space can be limited when you're out riding your bike. The best way to increase your storage space without wearing a backpack is to use a frame bag. The Salsa EXP Series Fat Hardtail Frame Pack creates storage capacity in the main triangle of your frame, keeping weight centered, and gear out of the way. It is made of extremely durable fabric and zippers. The #10 YKK ...


Salsa Wanderlust Rear Rack Black, Alloy, Salsa Fargo & Vaya Frames


Salsa Wanderlust Rear RackThe Wanderlust Rack is a rear rack designed specifically to work with Salsa Fargo (non-Alternator Dropout version) and Vaya frames. Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum, the Wanderlust Rack features an extra long 125 x 420mm cupped deck to provide a solid platform for large and bulky items that need to be strapped down. The large pannier hook stops make sure your bag fits securely to the rack and extra long support struts to ...


Topeak MTX Dual Side Frame MTX Silver/Blk, Quickmount


The Topeak Dual Side Frame MTX Quick Mount Frame Seatpost Mount Rack attaches to Topeak MTX BeamRack series in seconds. Tough 6061 T6 aluminum construction Attaches to Topeak MTX BeamRack series in seconds Perfect for using Topeak MTX trunk bag with panniers Equipped with RX dual side frame Available V-type for big frames and E-type for normal frames Fits 25.4-31.8 mm seat posts Size (LxWxH): 11.6" x 0.8" x 12" Weight: 300 grams Tough AL-6061 ...