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Orbea | Gain | Aluminum | Derailleur Hanger 2018/2019 Gain Alloy & Optima From Years 2018/2019


Orbea Gain Aluminum Derailleur Hanger 2018/2019Derailleur hangers just get worn out and are one of those parts you have to replace. To make matters worse, they are not one-size-fits-all and each bike seems to have its own specially shaped derailleur hanger that only fits that bike and maybe a couple similar bikes. No worries though, we got you covered. The Orbea Gain Aluminum Derailleur Hanger is compatible with 2018/2019 Orbea Gain Alloy and Optima and ...


Sram | Universal Derailleur Hanger Aluminum, Black


SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger Universal compatibility! We’re huge fans of simplicity, especially when it comes to component compatibility, threaded bottom brackets and full length cable housing come to mind. Well, there’s a new member of the headache free component group, SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger. Behold, it’s the ultimate derailleur hanger that’s compatible with countless bikes. If you’ve got a SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger compatible bike and need a new hanger then we’ve ...


Orbea | Occam/wild Fs 2020 Rear Derailleur Hanger Fits Occam/wild Fs 2020 Alloy And Carbon


Orbea Occam/Wild FS 2020/Rise Rear Derailleur Hanger So you broke your derailleur hanger. Good thing they're easy to replace! This Orbea Occam/Wild FS/Rise Rear Derailleur Hanger's part number is 15430176. This hanger is designed to work with the Orbea Occam, Wild FS, and the Rise aluminum and carbon models. Features Designed to fit Occam carbon and aluminum 2020, Wild FS, and Rise carbon and aluminum models Part number: 15430176 | Orbea | Occam/wild Fs 2020 ...


Yeti Cycles | 12X148 Hanger Kit 12X148 Kit


YETI 12 X 148 HANGER KITHANGIN' OUTHangers are designed to break in order to protect your frame and rear derailleur if you hit a rock or lay you bike down on the driveside. There are hundreds of hangers out there so make sure you get the right one to fit your bike. The Yeti 12 x 148 Hanger Kit is designed to fit the Yeti SB100, SB130, SB150, SB4. 5, SB5, SB5+, SB5. 5, and ...