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Sram | Eagle X-Sync 2 Oval Dm Chainring | Black | 32Tooth, 6Mm Offset, Direct Mount | Aluminum

$114.99 10% off $128.00 msrp

SRAM Eagle X-Sync 2 Oval DM Chainring The SRAM Eagle X-Sync 2 Oval DM Chainring gives you the advantages of an oval chain ring for your SRAM Eagle 12-speed drivetrain. The X-Sync 2 provides you with an aggressive teeth design for better chain retention for a smoother, more efficient pedal stroke. It focuses on long wear-life and reduces friction and the accumulation of mud, grit, and grime. Features Oval ring design Direct Mount X-SYNC™ 2 ...


Sram | Eagle Sl X-Sync 2 Dm Chainring | Black/gold | 32Tooth, 3Mm Offset | Aluminum

$117.12 8% off $128.00 msrp

SRAM Eagle SL X-Sync 2 DM Chainring The X-Sync 2 chainring is a product of SRAM’s drivetrain engineers studying the performance and wear on thousands of X-Sync chainrings. They subjected every size of chainring to environmental and mechanical tortures, abuse and neglect, in both real world and lab testing. They wanted to create a chainring that would improve the Eagle drivetrain’s performance in all conditions. The new X-Sync 2 chainring provides increased chain retention, decreased ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Dm Chainring For Shimano E-Bike Motor 32T Drop Stop B | Aluminum


Wolf Tooth DM Chainring For Shimano E-Bike Motors Designed For Higher Torque When it's time to get a new chainring for your e-bike, make sure you get one that can withstand the higher torque that comes from e-bike motors. The Wolf Tooth DM Chainring For Shimano E-Bike Motors has a 55mm chainline and is compatible with all Boost and Super Boost bikes that use the Shimano EP8, E8000, and E7000 e-bike motor splines. The Drop-Stop ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Dm Chainrings For Shimano 12Spd Cranks 34T Boost Hyperglide+ Chain | Aluminum


Wolf Tooth DM Chainrings For Shimano 12-Speed Cranks Slide Into The DMs Shimano's new XTR 12-speed Hyperglide+ chain works a little differently than any other chain on the market. In order to ensure perfect operation, Wolf Tooth developed a completely new tooth profile to provide optimal chain retention and durability when using the new chain technology. Features The new HG+ chain interacts with the chainring much differently than a traditional wide/narrow design. Wolf Tooth engineers ...


Race Face | Cinch Steel Dm Chainring | Black | 30 Tooth


Race Face Cinch Steel DM Chainring The Race Face Cinch Steel DM Chainring is built to last, offering a hard-wearing and corrosion resistant steel composition with a direct mount ring that will last for years to come. Your chain will stay on thanks to the narrow-wide chain tooth design, ensuring the ultimate chain retention. It’s compatible with the Race Face Cinch system, which allows you to switch DM chainrings with ease to compliment the type ...


Absoluteblack | Sram Dm Cx 1X Oval Chainring | Black | 42 Tooth, Direct Mount | Aluminum


Absolute Black GXP/BB30 DM CX Oval Ring The Absolute Black Direct-Mount Oval Ring is ready to rip it up with its beautifully machined, lightweight and stiff construction. Simply put, this is the best looking spiderless ring we've ever seen. Its special direct mount interface is compatible with SRAM GXP cranks that feature removable spiders. Simply remove your existing spider and bolt this ring on in its place. The spiderless setup is super clean and saves ...


Rotor | Road Direct Mount Round Chainring 48/32 For Aldhu, Vegast & Dm Power M | Aluminum

$216.94 14% off $255.00 msrp

Rotor Road Direct Mount Round Chainring DM Chainring for Rotor Road Cranksets Rotor meets the demands for smaller, lighter chain rings with the Rotor Direct Mount Q-Ring. It is a simplified one-piece design that saves about 40 grams compared to other standard set ups. The direct mount chain-rings are machined from a single piece of aluminum, making them lighter and more rigid and durable. Rotor Q-Rings vary drivetrain resistance during a pedal rotation to align ...


Sram | Red/force Axs 1X Direct Mount Chainring Cring Road 38T Dm X-Sync Black | Aluminum


SRAM Red/Force AXS 1x Direct Mount Chainring Maximum Performance Whether you're upgrading your drivetrain or replacing an old chainring, you'll want to make sure you get the right chainring for your crankset. The SRAM Red/Force AXS 1x Direct Mount Chainring is built for 12-speed SRAM Red and Force cranks. It has SRAM X-SYNC wide-tooth, narrow-tooth chainring technology that provides maximum chain control. It features a laser-etched finish that is more durable and X-Range gearing technology ...


Race Face | Cinch Direct Mount Chainring | Black | 30 Tooth | Aluminum


Race Face Cinch Direct Mount Chainring It's a Cinch The Race Face Cinch Direct Mount Chainring features a narrow-wide tooth profile that ensures the ultimate chain retention no matter what you ride on or how hard you go. It pairs up with the Race Face cranks that utilize a CINCH system interface. The Race Face CINCH system allows for easy switching between direct mount rings and spiders, giving you plenty of flexibility for trying out ...


Wolf Tooth Components | Camo Aluminum Oval Chainring 34T Aluminum (Camo System Only)


wolf tooth camo powertrac chainring The Wolf Tooth Powertrac Chainring works with your biomechanics to achieve optimal efficiency and power with every pedal stroke. Not only will you gain more power, but you will also benefit from greater traction, and less shifting. Wolf Tooth's proprietary design is less ovalized than its competitors, eliminating the funky, uneven pedaling sensation while delivering the optimum pedal stroke. Just like Wolf Tooth's other single speed chainrings, the ...


Oneup Components | Switch Round Chainring Round, 34 Tooth | Aluminum


Oneup Components Switch Round Chainring Note: Oneup Components Switch Round Chainrings are only compatible with One Up Components Switch carriers. You will need a carrier thatfits your crankset to use this chainring. Switch Carriers and Chainrings are sold separately, but can be purchased as a complete systemon each product's page by clicking on the appropriate icon above the Add To Cartbutton. Be sure to choose yourproper carrierbefore checking out. Use the item description to choose ...